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Why did my radio stop receiving any am or fm receptions

Why did my radio stop receiving any am or fm receptions

my sonyradio cd and cassette playecfd-SO5 stopped receiving any am/ fm siginals, once in long while it works again , if i turn it off and on again i makes aloud pucking sound , then i get nothing just dead static ,very low volume static sound , if i turn the volume up the static will not increase either ,when i try to scan for a channel , it will not pick up anything, I live were there is a lot of stations to pick up, , but the casett deck will work, and no cd sound either? i brought it to a store to get fixed . he plugged it in and it worked , Took it home pluged it in . it worked , turned it on again next day , same problem , no reception on all levels am or fm? made a loud pucking sound ,when turning on the on button , turned it on agian this time no pucking sound and still no reception?


"Hi @ulma

Some things I would like to check....

How do you power it up?

By mains or battery?

Had you tried observing if using battery... what is the outcome.

You will need to open it up and check on the mainboard for any leaky capacitor.

check for any cold solder joints and also the contact to the antenna is properly connected / soldered."

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