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Why do new and old battery not charge?

Why do new and old battery not charge?

I have 5th gen ipod whose original battery would not take a charge because it was old and had been run down to far to recover, I presume.It booted up but would not play for more than a moment because it had no charge left on indicator. I replaced headphone jack and hold switch ( they weren't working well any more either) and new battery at same time.Resoldered battery ribbon connector to board as well( it broke off in the repair)Ipod will now again boot up and play normally, but this new battery will also not take a charge, but shows a half full battery indicator.The screen tells me it is charging,but left overnight on a 2amp apple battery charger it still shows half full. Is there a fix for this?Is new battery bad as well?


Hi, I think I know what might be the problem. U need a magnifying glass and see that in the process of soldering the battery u have not taken off some other components near to the battery points on the motherboard. Check this and write back. Good luck.

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