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Why does my beats pill only work when it's plugged up

Why does my beats pill only work when it's plugged up

My beats pill only works when it's plugged in once I take it off the charger it doesn't work no matter how long its been charging


Shakim Prince, double check to make sure that yuor charger works and that your cable connector as well as the charging port are without any damage. Check for bend, missing or corroded pins. If you find all that in good order, it is entirely possible that your battery is no longer holding a charge. Use this guide to replace the battery.

My battery is showing 127% and it won't work without charger. How can I fix it?

no one has answers, same here 127%, fmk!!! i CAN'T FIND A REPLACEMENT BATTERY ANYWHERE

It is because if you play music or audio while you have it plugged in it will ruin the battery. If you want to fix it what you need to do is take it apart and buy a new battery, but I will warn you that the battery is hard to get to, and you have to carefully move everything inside in order to get to the battery. You also have to be carful of the speakers because they are magnetic and as you remove the tiny screws connected to the battery they will hit it and it can break the speaker. Depending on what type you have will depend on what new battery you get. You can also try to reset the battery to see if that works. I will warn you that most of the batteries I have seen online are expensive. Well, I hope you can get it fixed.

You need to get a battery replacement had the same problem with mine just replace the battery

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