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Why does my iPhone 6 only work when plugged in?

Why does my iPhone 6 only work when plugged in?

I have dropped my iPhone a few times and the screen has cracked. But one day I was just using my phone as per normal and then it suddenly turns off and repeats the apple booting up logo then turns off and repeats this for a bit then stops. When I plug my phone in it repeats the booting up progress for about 20 mins then boots up and sticks on 1% and when I remove it from the charger then phone turns off. I have tried opening up the phone disconnected and reconnected the battery to see if that was the problem and it has not helped any suggestions on what I can do? Im not sure if the battery is broken or if something else in the phone needs replacing.

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"It is highly unlikely that your battery just stopped working after a some falls. You already confirmed that the battery was still fully connected. If you have easy access to a battery, by all means try it.

However, your phone is exhibiting the classic symptoms (No-charge or fake charge) of a bad Tristar (U2) chip, responsible for the charging of your device. This is not a DIY repair.

I would suggest you find a qualified repair shop that does micro-soldering repairs so that they can properly troubleshoot the problem/"
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"Your iPhone is showing the typical symptoms of a bad or (partially) disconnected battery.

Since it will eventually charge after 20 minutes of staying plugged in, it means the battery is taking some charge, but depleting it almost at the same speed. If you turn it off, leave it plugged, it may charge faster.

This slow charging can be caused by the battery being partially unplugged if for some reason the bracket holding the battery connector is missing.

This can also be caused by the battery gone bad. The iPhone 6 is now two years old and I've started seeing more and more coming in with bad batteries.

If you let your phone keep restarting, you may end up with corrupt data and eventually your phone will need to be restored, and all the data erased. I hope you have a back-up. If not, and your data is valuable, turn it off and keep it off until you can install a new battery.

To first reseat the battery connector, and if that doesn't help, to replace the battery, follow this guide and I highly recommend the batteries iFixit are selling. I use them myself for my customers and have nothing but great things to say about them. Otherwise you may receive a bad battery and the phone will keep restarting. Bad batteries are a plague and are the general rule not the exception of what is found on eBay, Amazon, and even from specialized parts sellers.

When trying to replace the battery, do not for any reason pry at the battery by leveraging against the board. You will ruin it permanently.

If a new battery does not fix it, report back. There are other steps to follow, such as perform a restore in case, like I said, the firmware got corrupted."