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Why does my center channel not work?

Why does my center channel not work?

My Pioneer VSX-821K AVR center channel output suddenly stopped functioning. I tried changing out the speaker wire without any benefit. I also tested the center speaker from other channels and it functions well. I've tried other speakers as well and it's definitely the channel out. Checked over all AVR settings, have the center channel still on and tried it from 0 to +10db without any help. When testing the speaker with the on screen display, the pink noise from the center channel is significantly quieter and crackles instead of having a clear output sound. The center channel is extremely muffled and barely audible when using 5.1 output. Volt meter shows equal output and resistance from the center channel as well. Not really sure what else to do to troubleshoot it other than opening up the receiver itself and tracing the soldering for the central channel from the output.. Any suggestions? Thanks!


I just diagnosed this problem on my VSX882k. It was a bad mute relay on the output of the INPUT board, NOT the mute relay on the AMP board speaker outputs. The input board basically supplies the line level outs to the power amp section. Same issue, center channel drops in output, sounds distorted. Sometimes if you crank the volume, it will work again, but only temporarily. Powering it down and back on occasionally works too. It opens and closes the relay, and sometimes it closes properly. The relay part number for the VSX822k is HL3-2A-12S. I would not be surprised if that's a common relay part # across the VSX series of AVR's. The only place I could find it in the US was on eBay, and it's coming from China. I got ten of them for $16 w/shipping. Hope this helps someone.

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