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Why is my Big Jambox not turning on?

Why is my Big Jambox not turning on?

My Jawbone Big Jamox has been working fine since I purchased it six months ago. A couple days ago I took it to the beach and it wouldn't turn on. I've charged it for 24 hours plugging it into my laptop and it doesn't change anything. Is my Jambox broken?


"Mine stopped working altogether. No sign of life even with the power plugged in. I had tried the ""reset"" steps I found on the internet (holding big button down then plugging into power) and also a USB cable still with no lights or signs of life.

I disassembled it, unplugged the battery, plugged it into power without the battery and it worked. Then I unplugged the power, plugged the battery back in, and plugged it back into power. It fully charged in a couple of hours and the battery measured 12.58v (with no load) after it was fully charged. It works fine now.

I think the battery is probably three 18650's in series with a protection circuit."

The battery in the Jambox is an 11.1V 2600mAh Li-ion. Its wall charger output is 14.5V 2.48A. USB specifications will only allow 5.0 volts to had from that port, and very few laptops out there, aside from the high $ business class lappys, will allow for more than 1A to be had. Charging from a laptop will only charge the Jambox half way (from a dead battery) at best.

Resetting my Jambox worked. It did not take a long time to see the power red light to come on.

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