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Why is my echo spot flickering?

Why is my echo spot flickering?
When I got my echo spot I really liked it but then for some reason it started flickering and I tried everything. Dimming the display, getting a new power supply and factory resetting it. So I really hope someone can come up with an answer for it.


"I was ready to toss the spot--though it's one of my favorite Alexa devices. Driving me nuts, the screen flicker. Hard reset, moving to a new location, just couldn't fix it.


SOLUTION FOR MY FLICKERING SPOT: Before I tossed it, I thought I'd try the power supply for from the Echo Show I have in the Kitchen. Not expecting much, I plugged it in. And what do you know! No flickering, even at the brightest level! So the obvious take away is that the power supply or cable are bad. But I swapped the power supply with the Echo Show (hard to keep all the echo products straight), and it booted right up, no flickering. So everything is working, except I have a black power supply for the white spot, and a white (found out these two words together are banned--appropriately) power supply for the black Show"
There is no permanent fix for this problem. I would contact Amazon or whoever you purchased it from and ask for an exchange or refund. There are thousands of people experiencing the same problem with this device.
This is a hardware problem and this is why Amazon has discontinued the product. I called Amazon and they asked me to purchase an Echo 5 and refunded it right away, not sure why the process is such but you get a replacement anyway.
Sometimes, when the screen of your Echo Spot is high on brightness, it may start flickering. ... Go to your Echo Spot settings and lower the scale of brightness. As you set the brightness of your device to a low level, you would see the flickering disappearing. Also, turn off the adaptive brightness option (if included)
It doesen’t work in my case. Tried and it failed.

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