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Why is my gas dryer not working properly in normal cycle?

Why is my gas dryer not working properly in normal cycle?

I have about an 8 year old Kenmore Elite HE front load gas dryer that is having issues in normal cycle. When I put dry towels in it, only 1big towel and 1 hand towel, it starts at 41 mins, it runs down a few mins then jumps down to 19 mins then 5 mins then 1min in about 5 min time span. When I soaked the smaller towel, ringed it out by hand, and dampened the large towel, it started at 41 mins then ran down to 8 mins in the proper time length then jumped up to 12 mins ran down a couple mins then up to 16 mins. I have never had normal cycle to jump up or down on the timer. We have cleaned out the filter in front of dryer, cleaned inside of dryer of lint, cleaned dryer hose of lint and vent on roof. They are all clean now and still having issues. The first time this happened I thought I forgot to turn it on so I turned it on and walked away. The next time I thought that I did not put enough time for them to dry, not an overly big load. It took about 4 normal cycles that took over about 4 hours, not knowing timer was dropping the time, and I still had to hang my clothes in the bathroom to dry so they would not mildew and so I could go to bed. We had a repair man come out already and he said that nothing is wrong with it jumping down on the time but I know something is and I’m frustrated at the repair man. What could be going on?


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