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Why is my iPod not charging?

Why is my iPod not charging?

I've had some issues with my battery previously. I bought a new one and replaced it myself, keeping the old one just in case. Recently, though, my ipod doesn't work. Instead it displays a message that suggests I visit the ipod support website and occasionally one that states the ipod is too low to restore. When I plug it in to the wall charger, however, it fails to display a charging icon and continues to reset itself. I am a bit baffled as to either of the messages and its failing to charge. I have also tried putting back the old battery, which wasn't completely bad, to see if it was the new battery. Nothing was different. I am suspecting a cable or connection is not properly in place but all seems snug. Any help?


My suggestion to this would be that you a) check your connection again, Make sure that the cable is properly and deep enough inserted to make good connection. Also make sure that the little clip is down, so as to hold the cable in place. Should this not work, make sure that your dock connector is free of debris. Check for bend or corrode pins. you may need a magnifying glass for that. If you are handy with a multimeter, you can check the voltage on your batteries and see what you get. pinouts.ru has a great schematic of the dock connector and you could measure on the appropriate pins to see if you have anything on your connector. I also wonder what issues with the battery you had that made you change it. May be it was not the battery but some underlying error from your dock connector or the charging circuit of your ipod. Give it a try and let us know. Good Luck

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