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Why is my jbl charge 2 without sound

Why is my jbl charge 2 without sound

After charging completely my jbl charge 2 i turned on, i connected without any problem but the sound doesn't comes out. waiting for prompt response.


"I have the same problem,:

- my jbl charge 2 is fully charged

- I switch it on without problem and lights of Power button and sounds level are all ON

=> it doesn't make any ""beep"" sounds when it turns on as before

- I have no problem to pair it with my iPhone, it is recognized by Airplay

=> I do not get any sound when I play music on my Smartphone

=> I do not get any sound if I connect using a stereo audio cable connected to the 3.5mm aux input as per jayeff question

I have opened the casing but do not see any special damaged items in it... do I have to change the speakers? Do I have to change the electronic card? Any suggestions or guidelines ?

Thanks for your prompt response and advises."

Did y'all try to connect and play in a very low volume???

I to had the same issue and fixed my resistor with hot glue just like he did. Works like new now

My JBL is acting funny. Red light blinking, static, goes on & off. When I hook it up with a cable does the same thing.

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