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Why is my microwave dead

Why is my microwave dead

Is there a fusible link or internal breaker? I shorted my microwave out changing the lightbulb over the range. Now there is no power anywhere on the microwave. The outlet still has power.


@luker your microwave has a fuse on the inside by the power supply. That's where I'd start. Double check your model number. I would have expected a 3 digits prefix. See if it does show anywhere. Reason why I ask is that Kenmore really does not build microwaves but those are rebranded. Could be made by Samsung as well as many others. Anyhow, fuse should be in the same vicinity as part 5001 in the image.

You might need to look at your house power Panel to see if your Microwave has a dedicated circuit breaker to see if is tripped. Or if there is a power plug trip circuit (a little red button) on the power outlet. If that tripped then your Microwave might not be getting power. Press the red button or if it is a circuit breaker reset the power.

"Hi Luke. In 2016 you posted on ifixit that you shorted your microwave while changing a light bulb. I just did the same thing. How did you eventually fix it? Replace an internal fuse?


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