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Why will my iPod button not press?

Why will my iPod button not press?

I have a ipod model A1136 and it turns on fine, however the middle button no longer presses. What would you guess would be broken? The button itself or would it have to do with the board underneath. If you press it really hard it will work. You can not feel it move. I'm not saying this is the case, but it is as if the button has been pressed down and no longer comes back (however it doesn't freely move either). Any answer will help, I know that it would be hard to 100% diagnose the issue without seeing the device or opening it up. Again, it works, just doesn't press.


There are 4 little notches on the middle button that keep it alligned with the click wheel. Sometimes these get wore down and can bind the middle button which will cause it to malfunction. There is also the possibility that the switch underneath the button has a broken spring and would require a new logic board. The best approach would be to disassemble the iPod and to take a closer look. Follow these instruction and you are going in the right way iPod 5th Generation (Video) Click Wheel Button Replacement ....good luck

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