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Why won't my iPod 5th Generation turn on?

Why won't my iPod 5th Generation turn on?

My ipod shows signs of life and all of that, and it comes up and says i need to plug it into my itunes to restore it. I did this sevral times and it would not show up in itunes at all. it is making me irritated because i spent alot of money on it and it's a 64 gb......... Please help!


I would first clean the dock connector as well as trying a different cable and a different USB port on the computer. I'd start of there, then go with a new battery after that. You mentioned that you charged it, did it take the charge. You say it's 64GB are you using a CF conversion on your iPod? The only other problem that I can see is that you may need a new HDD. The sad face makes me believe that your hard drive is on its way out. Good Luck

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