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Will a wet iPod ever work again?

Will a wet iPod ever work again?

My son's iPod got wet. It was left in the rain for about 10 minutes. We dried it out and sent it to Apple Care Services but they sent it back as they would not / could not fix it. This was in September of 2008. It has been sitting in the shipping box ever since. I just heard about this site on CBC radio today. Can you tell me if the iPod is fixable?


This is a common problem. Make sure it is TOTALLY DRY before you power it on.

The rule of thumb for any electronic device is to remove the power as soon as possible. The water does not damage the electronics; it is the current passing through the water that causes the damage. When the current passes through the water it sets up electrolysis which is the current in the water eating away at the copper traces on the circuit board which is evidenced by a green slim on the circuit board.

Try putting your device in rice:

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