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Will all my music still be there after changing the logic board?

Will all my music still be there after changing the logic board?

Apple told me my battery was bad so I changed it. But the sad icon still pops up. I am about to change the logic board but I hope all my music will not be erased.


The music is stored on the hard drive, so the music will not be erased when you replace the logic board. However, you will probably have to restore the iPod once the new logic board is installed, thus erasing all the music. That has been my experience anyway.

"surely there could be a different reason for the sad face - but to be honest - i always had ipods with a faulty hard drive - the ""low battery"" message will disappear after you replaced the hdd.

there are 2 ""regular"" hard drive problems

1, the drive is clicking

2, you cant hear anything from the drive after you switched on the ipod.

if it's clicking - you could try the ""smack your ipod"" ""fix""

if there is no spinning at all - well, i gues it simply died

but if it's spinning, you could also try to boot into ""diagnostics board""

check IO/HDSpecs - i guess that the hdd will show only crappy data - like a hdd size over 90gb for a 30gb drive"

Here's are the suggestion that Apple gives for the sad face icon: support.apple/kb/TS1373

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