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Will not charge with firewire cable

Will not charge with firewire cable
I just picked up a 15GB 3rd gen iPod. It was dead and would not turn on. I had a new battery so I put that battery in. The iPod turned on and play music although the backlight didn't seem to work. I noticed it did not appear to be charging. (Yes I am using a firewire wall charger which charges other iPod's fine.) So I thought I would try and connect it to the computer and restore it and see if that helped. I connected to the computer and iTunes recognized it and I restored it. It then told me to remove from the computer and connect it to the wall charger. When I did this the iPod did not acknowledge it. It is still asking to be connected to a wall charger. So I am guessing the logic board is bad. Does this make sense to the experts here?


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