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Will not start spin cycle!

Will not start spin cycle!

HE3 will not spin but will fill and drain. The wife says the tub area seems warmer than normal. Did the cancel cycle which did not change. The wife thoughjt there was and error code of ?6 but was just for a moment


try this and see what you come up with. Let us know DIAGNOSTIC TEST The control must be in the OFF state before pressing the touch-pad sequence to start the test. Starting the test mode Close the door. Press the Control On button. Select the DRAIN/SPIN cycle. Select NO SPIN by pressing the SPIN SELECT button, as needed. Push Prewash Option button four (4) times within five (5) seconds. C:00 will show in the display. NOTE: If Model does not have PREWASH Mode as an option, press RINSE/HOLD. If the Starting procedure fails, push PAUSE/CANCEL button. Then repeat the starting sequence. Test Program Control during Execution To advance to the next step of the test procedure, push Prewash Option button two (2) times.

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