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Windows - Delayed Write Failed [iPod 5th Generation (Video)]

Windows - Delayed Write Failed [iPod 5th Generation (Video)]

I have already did the reset (Menu + Centre) button then plug iPod to my computer (Windows XP). iPod is detected on my computer but not in iTunes. And the error message I got is Windows - Delayed Write Failed.


"Try this-reset your iPod with menu+centre, then when you first see the dark Apple logo, hold down menu+play/pause. This will hopefully conjure up a greyish looking ui, which is ""Disk Mode."" If your iPod can get into this mode, you should be in the clear, as it means the hard drive has some semblance of life left in it. If you can get to this mode, try plugging it in. Don't get discouraged if it doesn't work right away, Disk Mode can be fickle. If it happens to recognize in iTunes, restore!

Otherwise, 30gb hard drives for this model are available for ~30 USD on eBay.



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