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Wont Turn on completely, need help

Wont Turn on completely, need help

when i try turning on my ipod it flickers on and off, shows apple symbol but then turns on like as if it were reseting itself


It does sounds like a bad battery. I would definitely start with that approach. Relative easy and inexpensive fix. It is not recognized by iTunes because it does not stay on long enough. The problem is that with a totally discharged or non-functioning battery the USB may not supply enough power. Also plug the ipod directly to a USB port that comes of the motherboard usually located in the back of thecomputer.Do not use a hub or any extensions. Did anything else happen to the iPod like did it get dropped or anything like that. Of course there is always the possibility that the logic board is at fault but since the exchange of that is more costly and more involved , go with the battery at first.

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