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Example of CVC of BDO ATM Card

Most banks use CVC (or Card Verification Code) as a security code for their ATM cards or credit cards. It serves as a verification system or a security system that protects your ATM  or credit card from fraudulent transactions.

Other terms used for CVC is CVV or Card Verification Value.

In BDO (Banco De Oro), you can find the CVC/CVV at the back of their ATM card or credit card.

Here's an example of a CVC which can be found at the back of a BDO ATM Card (Savings Account).

CVC of a Genuine BDO ATM Card

Example of CVC of BDO ATM Card

What's the use of CVC of a BDO ATM Card?

As stated above, CVC is a security code. When you purchase a product or services online (in the internet), you need a CVC to enter in order to checkout successfully.

For example, when you buy a product in Amazon, Shopee, or Lazada, you can choose to buy the product with your BDO ATM Card. When you checkout on their websites, they will require you to enter the CVC of your ATM.

So without the CVC, you cannot buy a product or services online.

So, it's very important that you know the CVC of your BDO ATM Card.

You should keep the CVC safe or write it down in a somewhere safe that only you will know.

Don't Expose your CVC to the Public or Internet

Do not expose or write the CVC of your BDO  ATM Card in the public or in Facebook that someone else can read or know so that your BDO account will not be compromised or hacked.

So a BIG WARNING of exposing or telling your CVC to anyone.

Do you have any concern with the CVC of your BDO ATM Card?

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