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How to Renew Old Expired Unionbank EON Card (Complete Process)...

It's time to renew my Unionbank EON Card. It's been three years since I started using it not only for keeping my money but also for paying services online (internet). Expiration of EON card is 3 years. Here's my way of renewing my expired Unionbank EON card and updating my new EON card in my Paypal account:
Step 1
Go to any Unionbank branch, present your EON card to the bank officer, and request for renewal of EON card. If your EON card is lost, get an Affidavit of Loss and present it to the bank.

Step 2
The Unionbank will process the renewal in one (1) week but some branches will process in just 2 days. So, you must go back to the bank and claim your EON card after a week or a day. Don't forget to bring a valid id (for verification and identification purposes). Take note: Within that week of processing, you cannot log-in to your EON account online. You must follow the next step (3) in order to use and access your EON card.

Step 3
After claiming your EON card, you must wait for 1 day for changing the EON card number through Unionbank online banking website:
  • https://ebanking.unionbankph.com/EbankEON/sgonHttpHandler.aspx?Action.EONUser.Init.001=Y&AppSignonBankId=UBP&AppType=EON
Step 4
To change your EON card number, go to EON Log-in Page.

Click the "CLICK HERE" link under "Did you lose or replace your EON card? (in red arrow).

Unionbank Expired Eon Card Renew 1

Step 5
Change your EON Card Number by filling-out the form and click Submit button.

Change Unionbank EON Card Number

Update Your Paypal Account

Step 1
Log-in to you Paypal account and go to Profile >> Add/Edit Credit Card.

Update expired EON Card Card in Paypal

Click the Remove link to remove your expired EON card.

Step 2
You will receive a notification that confirms the removal of the expired card. Then add the new card by filling out the form on the same page.

Remove expired EON card in Paypal

Step 3
Confirm the new card by clicking on the "Confirm My Card".

Add EON card in Paypal

Confirming your card means you need to verify that you are the real owner of the card. Click Continue button to request for the 4-digit code (Paypal code).

Verify EON Card in Paypal

You will receive a notification and instruction on how to confirm your card. The 4-digit code that has been requested will appear on your EON account in Unionbank's website.

Paypal 4-digit code request

How to Confirm Your Unionbank EON Card in Paypal

Step 1

In order to see the 4-digit code, you must log-in to your EON account on Unionbank's website and click Deposit Accounts (pointed by red arrow).

Get 4-digit code in Unionbank EON account

Step 2
Select the Last 10 Transactions.

Last 10 transactions of EON account online

The 4-digit code can be found and identified in red circle below:

4-digit code in EON card

Step 3
Come back or log-in to you Paypal account and enter the 4-digit code on your Paypal account.

Enter 4-digit Paypal code

Enter 4-digit Paypal code final

If you enter the correct 4-digit code (Paypal code) and click the Confirm Card button, you will receive the following message:

EON Card verification successful

You're EON card is now verified to your Paypal account. Congratulations!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Unionbank implement an expiration to their EON card? Because the bank wanted to update and to know the present status of the accountholder such as (present address, occupation, civil status, etc.).

Will my account number be changed after renewing my expired EON card? No. Your account number will remain unchanged.

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jonah [Entry]

I'd like to ask about my eon card. I tried to log in online but the union bank page keep saying the user is expired, what shall i do with this? how can i access my account online? I need an urgent respond... Thank you.
Denise Lim [Entry]

Hi, how many days do I need to wait to get the email from Unionbank informing me of the successful change in primary card number?
Anonymously [Entry]

Hi! Did they change the way the card looks recently? I'm asking this because I claimed my new eon card last week but was in a hurry to check it so I failed to notice then that it didn't look the same anymore. This new card does not have my account name and account number below the card number, unlike the old one. So I just wanna make sure there is nothing wrong with this card or if this will work just fine. I also wasn't able to use it yet so I cannot tell whether it works or not. I appreciate your response to my previous questions. Thank you!
haydee villegas [Entry]

About the step 1 in updating paypal, do you really need to select "Remove" instead of "Update Expiration blablabla"? Because it seems that in order to confirm my eon account again needs a fee of 100 pesos?
Guest [Entry]

haydee villegas, 100 pesos will be refunded back to your EON account after the successful confirmation.
Anonymously [Entry]

Hi! I had my old eon card renewed last week but did not have time to get the new card yet. I plan to do it tomorrow. My question is, how do I change my address for my account info? I applied the first time in Cebu but I am now in another city so I had it renewed in one of the Unionbank branches here. When I went there last week, I forgot to inform the lady that I have a new address. Is it really necessary for me to change my info? If I ask them to do it, will they need to replace the new card again since I'm sure that it's already ready for me to claim? I'd appreciate it if you can answer my questions. Thank you!
Kuroneko [Entry]

I am planning on creating a dummy account to be used for a dummy paypal account. I can't seem to find this but how about renewing a dummy or friends' account? I am planning on selling Steam gift games which is against Valve's term of use.
Marty [Entry]

Thank you for this info, I'm planning to renew my Unionbank EON Card