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Communicating with the clients is essential to improve the quality of customer service. Aside from contacting through phone, you can reach Metrobank at their email address.
Metrobank created several email addressess to serve the growing number of clients. They are:
  • customercare@metrobank.com.ph (for general concerns)
  • ebanking@metrobank.com.ph (for online banking concerns)
  • help@metrobank.com.ph (for other concerns)
When you need the help of Metrobank, just sent a message to those email addresses.

Do you have any concern or problems with Metrobank?

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Vanissa pamisa [Entry]

Good day i just wanna ask about the message i receive a while ago about the remittance...actually metro bank send me msg. That my remittance is already available while i dont have any person know to send me money...why metro bank send me thus msg..
mary jane garlit fernandez [Entry]

i am renting out my vacant lot in moncada tarlac,if you're interested in establishing a metro branch,i'll be glad to rent it out.it's a 371 sq.m.lot,along the highway and near the soon to be constructed red camia grocery.if you're interested,here's my email address.maryjanegf30@yahoo.com
thank you!
Lorna Torres [Entry]

Dear Metrobank,

Yes i have a problem with Metrobank Binan laguna branch, they always charge me 300 every month at my atm account even i keep in maintain 2,000 maintaining balance. i emailed them several times, but they always said i did not maintain, yes i admit but only one time did not maintain, but after that i keep on maintain 2,000 at my atm account, but still charge me fees every month 300 since march til now July.

In the transaction history i saw is no fees, that also they told to me, but in my account balance always charge me 300, how come that?

I think there some pishy happen in the banking system at Metrobank Binan Laguna Branch. Please help me i lost 1,500 in my atm account. i want my money back to my atm account please. help me thank u. Please take a look into that.

jojo matus [Entry]

Dear Metrobank,

I would like to know when are you going to have your car loan promo for 2016?

thank you
Atty. Liza H. Perez [Entry]

Good Day, May i know the exact office address of your legal department? My client have some concerns that i need to address to your legal department.

Thank. You
Baltazar A. Pantoja jr [Entry]

Sir/Madam, Please can you give me the e-mail of the Cancellation Department and there Phone numbers or any mobile numbers . Thank you
rex c. ponferrada [Entry]

good pm i just want to ask to if my metrobank atm card is active,its been 2years since i failed to deposit
Milleth Dupitas Eugenio [Entry]

Ma'am sir ,,pls, check my remittance acc,no,093733017164 ,benef's name, Emily d, Eugenio ,ofw here in Saudi Arabia I leave my ATM card to my family ,my employer sent my salary last dec,25 2014' ,,but till now ,none yet,zero balance,trhru enjaz bank ,transaction ref,FTI 4359441696051, please help me sir /ma'am,thank you for your kind consideration,
Joan Saberon [Entry]

mam/sir,can i have a smart number so that i can talk someone on metrobank
because my remittance card was block
Bob Lloyd S.Magno [Entry]

Kimberly badili [Entry]

Good day mam/sir...pls activate this card account number REM7993733695928,,beneficiary's name is LIDOVIN I ESPANA JR...it's a remittance card..ang sabi kasi ng mg.owwa ako ay 1 month lng po automatic activated nah but until now Hindi p activated...ng.owwa ako noong march 7,2014...
Dennis Toraldo [Entry]

Last April 16 I withdrew cash from Chinabank ATM machine for Php10,000. I am an account holder of METROBANK Marajo. Unfortunately, the cash being withdrawn was retracted by the machine and the bank staff gave me a complaint form for record purposes-CCF1653798 dated April 16.
I would like to request that said report be forwarded to Metrobank for said purpose for I have obligations to meet also in paying my bills and for my kid allowance at the soonest.
I am in dire straits as I only depend on my salary for my family expenses as I am a single parent also.
Thank you.
Weldy E. Malaluan [Entry]


Good day, Can you help me about online banking balance inquiry. What is the process to get the user ID and password to check my Metrobank ATM account?

Password reset
gil inocencio [Entry]

good day sir/maam,
i cannot open my ebanking account.everytime i put my user id and password,it always shown invalid user id or p.word.i call to metrobank shaw.1 of the customer service there said that you having a new program/format on your system,i need to transfer an account. to my brother right now,but the things is i cannot open my personal accnts.hope to hear immediate response to my problem.thank you..
Dolly [Entry]

The metro bank are all offline..you eventually cost as a wasted time and employees outburst.. I wonder why you even dont have small bills? we often withdraw at metro bank clark..and this is what we always get.