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What is MALUMOS in English?


I want to know what is malumos in English?

What is Malumos in English?


“Malumos” (pronounced as Mah-luh-mos) is a bisaya/cebuano term which means will be drowned or drowning in EnglishIt’s a verb.

It’s equivalent noun of “malumos” is “pagkalumos” which means drowning.

Example usage of “malumos” in sentences:

  • Don’t swim too far in the sea or you will be drowned. – “Ayaw ug langoy ug layo sa dagat kay malumos ka.
  • Don’t take a bath in the river. It’s rainy today. It’s too dangerous you might be drowned. – “Ayaw kaligo sa suba. Ga-ulan karon. Delikado kaayo basin malumos ka.”
  • Keep an eye on my kid in the swimming pool or he might be drowned. – “Tan-awa akong anak sa swimming pool basin malumos siya.”
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