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What is ADMIRE in Bisaya-Cebuano Translation?


What’s the bisaya/cebuano translation of “admire”. I couldn’t find the exact bisaya translation of admire in the internet.

What is ADMIRE in Bisaya-Cebuano Translation?


Admire” in bisaya/cebuano is “ming-angay” or “mingdayig“.

“Ming-angay” – pronounced as “Ming ah-ngay”.

“Mingdayig” – pronounced as “Ming dah-yig.”

Example usage in sentence:

  • I admire your beauty. – “Ming-angay ko sa imong kagwapa”.
  • I admire your courage. – “Mingdayig ko sa imong kaisog.”
  • I admire America’s democratic system. – “Mingdayig ko sa democratic system sa America”.
  • Donald admires Karen’s passion for helping people. – “Ming-angay sa Donald sa kalipay ni Karen nga mutabang sa laing tawo.”

Variations of the word “Admire” translated in bisaya/cebuano:

  • admiration (noun) – “pag-angay” (pag-ah-ngai)
  • admired (verb, past tense) – “ming-angay” (ming-ah-ngai)
  • has been admired – “gi-angayan” (geh-ah-ngah-yan)
  • will admire – “mu-angay” (muh-ah-ngai)
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