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Gas Pump Skimmers

Gas Pump Skimmers
"""A recent study on the rise of gas pump skimmers was done by NBC News. This story claims that they are appearing at more petrol stations nationwide. What exactly is a gas pump skimmer then? This piece of equipment is put into the pump. The card reader and the remainder of the pump are often separated by it. Unlocking the access panel, unplugging the card reader, and then plugging the skimmer into the reader with the remaining wire plugged into the other end of the skimmer completes the process.

So the first issue is, how did the burglars get their hands on the key to the gas pump panel? The vast majority of pumps on the market are secured by a cheap lock. There is no longer any key control because these locks have been in use for so long. This is evolving quickly. On their pumps, pump makers are putting tight security locks. This will tighten key control and make it more difficult for thieves to access the card reader panels. These high security locks will no longer accept the thieves' keys.

Instead of waiting until they buy new pumps, many gas station and convenience store operators are being proactive by changing the locks on their existing pumps.

So how can a customer tell if a pump has the new high-security locks installed? The typical consumer is unaware. The gas station can help by putting up signs explaining what they are doing to stop skimming. The consumer should choose their gas station wisely till that time. Utilize pumps that are well-lit and within the attendant's field of vision. You could enter and pay if you don't feel comfortable. Do any of the panels on the pumps feel slack to you? Some stations cover the panel with security seals. Are they present and undamaged?

Additionally, you want to think about utilizing a credit card rather than a debit card. Using a debit card gives a criminal access to your bank account. The main reason credit cards provide additional protection is because they are not immediately linked to your back accounts. Debit cards are just another reason why I am not a big fan—I have already written about them.

It seems that gas station security will expand quickly during the coming years. Manufacturers and gas stations are receiving assistance from organizations like Locking Systems International to protect their pumps as soon as feasible.""" - https://www.affordablecebu.com/

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