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How to Track MLhuillier Money Transfer (Kwarta Padala) Transaction?

Tracking the money transfer transaction in MLhuillier is very important in order to know whether the receiver actually receive the money you've sent.

How can you actually track the money in MLhuillier Kwarta Padala service?
Track MLhuillier Kwarta Padala Transaction

Option 1

If you're the one sending the money and you've entered both your phone number and your receiver's phone number in the send-out form, you will receive a text message that notifies you that the receiver claims your money at a particular MLhuillier branch.

Option 2

Another way of tracking your money in MLhuillier is by calling MLhuillier Customer Service:
  • 1-800-105-723-252
Prepare your KPTN number. The customer service agent will need that number.

Option 3

Send your concern including your KPTN number to MLhuillier Customer Service Email Address:
  • customercare@mlhuillier.com


  • Could it be more convenient to track or trace your MLhuillier Kwarta Padala transaction online? Online tracking of the transaction would really help internet users (using desktop, laptop, tablet, phone). Just like LBC tracker in which you can track your package online.
  • Android app or IOS app for tracking MLhuillier Kwarta Padala transaction could also be useful.

Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for improving the tracking system of MLhuillier?

Are you having any problem with tracking your MLhuillier Kwarta Padala transaction?

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Total comments : 82
Jon   (03 June 2019 1:07 PM)

pls check kptn# 192012147630472406 if pde na ma claim. last sat na hinulog Yan june 1 nag check aq june 2 wla dw sa system ng mllhullier.

JONALYN garcia   (03 June 2019 10:38 AM)


Ask ko Lang PO Kung cino nagpadala po skin at ung amount po

anthony mark peras   (02 June 2019 11:28 PM)

can you track this ref. # 12950383838 from riyadh name of remittance partner fawre

Angela delos santos   (01 June 2019 3:19 PM)

Can you please check this transfer ? BL1352094

chrysler lazaga   (30 May 2019 5:32 PM)

when can i claim money sent from saudi arabia thru rio express?
reference number XS500808

joriss alpha inguin fruelda   (27 May 2019 3:04 AM)

please check this KPTN. 4592 021 6800 145 5605 naman po kung pde na iclaim sa branch nyo, i need a result asap

leah capio adona   (17 May 2019 9:08 AM)

pwede ko na po kaya ma claim ito SKY02003818643. thanks po

SONIA B. LIMENSE   (10 May 2019 7:26 AM)


Jayveeh Pascual   (05 May 2019 11:53 AM)

please paki check naman po kung anong branch na-claim etong remittance ko reference number 1961050130034327 kasi po sabi ng branch niyo na claim na daw pero yung pinadalhan ko ang sabi di pa niya nakukuha ung pera.thanks po

Jeddahlyn c dinampo   (03 May 2019 10:54 PM)

Can u truct this if they really send me 33tf385132922

Joy   (27 April 2019 11:40 PM)

Hello po ito po ang number ..magkano po ito? 50412760299

henjie m alli   (25 April 2019 9:33 AM)

ask favor lng po tracking no.sk23100020740

henjie m alli   (25 April 2019 9:30 AM)

ask lng poh favor if available na po pick up sk23100020740

Ma. Oddessa May Pabio   (24 April 2019 1:02 AM)

Hi po. Paki check nmn po tracking number na to 38951685. Need a reply asap.
Thanks po.

henjie m alli   (23 April 2019 12:42 PM)

hi po ask lng po ako kung available na po ung tracking no. sky1655128930 kung pwdi na pick up

Mary Ann   (31 March 2019 6:18 PM)

Pacheck naman po yung sender nito kasi tracking number lang ang sinend sakin KPTN 8983 121 0379 723 3303 salamat

Jasz   (24 March 2019 6:09 PM)

Hello po ask lng po if available pa pu eto..



Reciever name
Hiyasmin Bonilla

Let me know po asap.

annelie mandasoc   (23 March 2019 7:42 AM)

status po ng reference number ko?37369118 at anng remittance po ito

dexter banaag   (18 March 2019 12:47 PM)

Paki check po to kung ready for pick up n po SKY02002763718 salamat po

JEAN   (12 March 2019 11:00 AM)

sinced its worldwide used, why not make an apps where in we can transact transfer online or check and track our transaction

MARY ANN SAROL   (08 March 2019 3:16 PM)

Good day!

Can i ask this Transaction if still Available for claim
KPTN: MLR 4091-852-0527-345-0119
Sender Name: Roderick Pogoy
Receiver Name: Eleanor Gelasan
Ammount: 7,880PHP

Wodito D abacajan   (04 March 2019 6:00 PM)

Please Po paki check Kung ready to pick up naba itong control# na ito...FT19062312548097

MYRRHACHEL RAEH M. NERI   (23 February 2019 1:43 AM)

can i ask if this transaction is available KPTN:CP69-97TZ-LA

Mark Anthony Tumulak   (16 February 2019 10:25 PM)

Can i ask this Transaction if still Available for Pick
KPTN: MLW-0012-111-1966-830-0518
Sender Name: Daniel Yu
Receiver Name: Mark Anthony Tumulak
Ammount: 1000PHP

Mark Anthony Tumulak   (16 February 2019 9:52 PM)

Can i ask this Transaction if still Available for Pick
KPTN: MLW-0012-111-1966-830-0518
Sender Name: Daniel Yu
Receiver Name: Mark Anthony Tumulak
Ammount: 1000PHP

Thalia Dela cruz   (10 February 2019 7:50 PM)

Helloo pls check this reference No. 027102156790988302
If available na po yung moey thanks

Mae Cui   (09 February 2019 7:38 AM)

Hello po
Please check this reference # po.hindi ko po kasi nakuha last nov.2017 pa to po.pls

, thank you for patronizing ML Kwarta Padala, you can claim your money w/ KPTN 4550 321 3609 474 1911. Please bring valid ID and visit any of our M Lhuillier Branches Nationwide.

Mercado   (29 November 2018 3:49 AM)

Hi how Can verify if my reference number I already available? Please guide me

Shaira Belle Dayday   (05 November 2018 7:25 AM)

Can I authorize someone to claim my money in mlhuillier branch?

Shaira Belle Dayday   (05 November 2018 7:23 AM)

Would I ask if is there be possible that I dont claim the money after 7 days?? Or should I authorize someone to claim it, because I live in an Island and no mlhuillier branch here and the transportation is not easy.

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