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Repairing methods of hammer crusher waits for changes...

Single-section hammer crusher belongs to heavy hammer crusher, and is also called compound hammer crusher, mainly used in limestone crushing. Large single-section hammer crusher has strong crushing capacity, which can directly break limestone of 1meters in diameter to about 20mm, thus it widely applied in cement industry. Hammer crusher can be divided into: single-section hammer crusher, high-efficiency hammer crusher, sand maker, vertical shaft hammer crusher and reversible hammer crusher.

The traditional method to repair primarily by welding or brushing, but both them have drawbacks: welding thermal stress by high temperature cannot be completely eliminated, which cause material damage or lead to part appears to bend or break; and brush plating is limited by coating thickness, so it is easy to peel, and above two methods are used in repair metal by metal, cannot change the relations of ' hard to hard', will cause wear again under the comprehensive roles.

The board hammer abrasion of impact crusher only can be found on the side of contacting materials. When the rotor operates at normal speed, the charge-in materials will fall onto the surface of board hammer ( attack side), and the back and flank side of the board hammer is not worn. And even the contacting side is rarely worn. Besides, the bottom of the grinding rod is also very easy to replace. The metal utilization of impact crusher board hammer can be as high as 45% -48%. However, that of usage of hammer crusher is just 25% or less. Because the hammer head of hammer crusher is in overhanging state. The abrasion is occurred on above side, front, rear side and flank side. Compared to board hammer, the hammer crusher is worn more serious. Furthermore, the rotor may also suffer abrasion. Once the bottom screen of hammer crusher wear too seriously, the grille should be replaced completely. And replacement is more complicated.

Such repair method has become less common in western countries. In view of the above problems, Europe, the United States and other countries contemporarily are tend to use polymer composites repair method, the most mature application is 1st line technology products, it has strong adhesion, excellent comprehensive properties, free disassembly and can be repaired on spot. Polymeric materials repair won’t make thermal stress influence, and no repair thickness limitation, at the same time, deformability that metal materials do not have can absorb the equipment’s shocking and vibration, avoid to wear again possible, and greatly prolongs the service life of the parts of equipment, save a large amount of downtime, creating huge economic value for the enterprise.

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