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Normal Repairing Tips of Cone Crusher...

Canadian fund manager Eric Sprott believes the prices of gold which is processed with the help of cone crusher and silver will revert to their climbs in value and he told an audience those predictions last week, according to Mineweb. 

Crusher, mill and mining machinery and equipment, if long-term disabled, will bring an impact to the normal production afterwards. To make broken equipment work in normal in the future, now we introduce something about its maintenance.

There are u-shaped bolts on the adjusting ring. Fill zinc alloy into the space. When installing or changing the mortar, after 6-8 hours' operation, check the fastening conditions and screw the U-shaped bolts again. The Cone crusher inner wall is fixed to the cone crusher body through a cone end. There is zinc alloy between them. When installing or changing the inner wall, after 6-8 hours' operation, check the fastening conditions. If there is loose, fasten it. The friction of round plate changes the gap between gears. To make the gears properly meshed, clients are required to put a mat on the bottom cover. The thickness of the mat should equal to the friction of the round plate.

When installing the bowl-shaped bearing, make sure the oil seal is not damaged by the steel cable. When assembly, scrape the spherical surface to ensure the space between crushing cone and the spherical surface is kept within 0.35-0.5mm. The bowl-shaped tile is fixed to the bowl-shaped bearing support through lock pins to prevent the tile rotate in circle.

The bowl-shaped bearing support and the frame are fixed together by lock. If there is space between the support and the frame, deal with it immediately. The cylinder liner and the frame is the third transient assembly. To avoid the liner rotating, the upper part of liner is filled with zinc alloy. When changing new liner, make sure it is according to the practical size because the after long time’s operation and assembly, some changes may happen to the crusher. If the space is too large, the liner will be broken. The outer rotation parts of the crusher should be protected with cover which is prepared by clients. sand dryer: http://www.hx-crusher.com/n262.html

First, the primary thing is anti-rust of the equipment, the equipment that the paint off the surface should be re-repaired. Apply butter on the exposed parts inside the machine on a regular basis, so as to ensure that these components are flexible operation.

Second, the storage place of the mining machinery should be appropriate. If possible, it is best to be stored in dry and ventilated room. If there are no conditions, you also had to choose a flat ground and cushion wood sheet, so that we can protect machinery and equipment from damp. Rain water resist covers should be used to cover equipment.

Third, let go of the cooling water inside the engine, replacing the engine oil. The fuel tank equipment should fill diesel fully in order to prevent tank rust.

If the above points could be well done, the device still cannot work properly due to long-term disabled. Please contact the Hongxing Machinery by cable. Our engineers will provide you with free solutions.

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