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The wonderful market prospect of cone crusher

Cone Crusher has a new design of the design principles, the concept of breaking new technologies to meet the specifications of the crushing of different materials to meet the 'more crushing less grinding ' new technology requirements. This machine not only broken than large, small and uniform particle size, and unit power consumption is low, the machine broken material is not much humidity requirements, but also for any kind of hard brittle materials, fragmentation can be used for a variety of minerals . The aircraft proved by large-scale projects in mineral processing machine is a good prospect in the field.

With the continuous growth of China's economic construction, the domestic real estate and construction of the continuous development of high-speed highway, making the crusher industries have developed rapidly. Production specifications crusher broken stone from a simple machine with a single head of gravel crusher developed to apply to all sectors of the various specifications of various models of a variety of crusher. --- The new crushing equipmenthydraulic cone crusher in the development of the sales market is gradually opened, the sales are far more than in previous years a significant increase.

First, let's look through a bunch of figures to illustrate the development of the industry, breaking the world each year hundreds of one hundred million tons of materials as much, but just broken in China each year about 1.8 billion of which a variety of materials, about 240 million t of iron ore , non-ferrous metal ore over 100 million non-metallic minerals 230 000 000 t, MINERALS 030,000,000 t, cement 400 000 000 t. Building materials of limestone 470 million t, the power consumption of 250-0 million kW-h, steel consumption is about 2.5 million t. Therefore, in the production of energy-saving crusher industries, high tech is the future of Crusher broken machinery industry is a major trend.

Cone crusher in the crushing of material throughput, high production capacity, and the aircraft's unique design of the machine's maintenance costs and greatly reduced maintenance costs, so that the machine greatly improve production efficiency, production costs are significantly Reduced. Seen in this light, cone crusher in the crushing industry has a very large application.

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