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Cebu Police Stations Information, Addresses, Contact Numbers and Officials

Accident or danger excuses no one in no time. We all face unexpected events or real scenes that force us to communicate or contact to a Police for emergency reasons and for help in times when we are helpless. That's why as a Cebu traveler or a Cebu resident, its very important to know the contact numbers (phone, telephone, or any means of communication) of the Police Stations in Cebu. The table below provides you this information in case you need help during emergency. You can see here the Offices of Police Stations of Cebu City, the name of the Head of each stations, and its contact (phone) numbers.

Picture of Cebu City Police Patrols (picture credited to Sir
Raphael Fernandez from raphaelfernandez.com)

Cebu City Police Stations
(Office and Contact Numbers)

Office Name of Head Contact/Telephone Numbers
Parian Police Station

(Station 1)

P/Chief Insp. Salvi Cabales Gocotano 2545002
Fuente Police Station

(Station 2)

P/Chief Insp. Arnel Balagat Banron 2557350/ 2535636/
WaterFront Police Station

(Station 3)

P/Chief. Insp. Aureo Sanchez 2548968
Mabolo Police Station

(Station 4)

P/Supt. Claudio Casiban 4128262
Carbon Police Station

(Station 5)

P/Insp. Patricinio F. Abesia 2548635 / 2562192
San Nicolas Police Station

(Station 6)

P/Chief Sr. Insp. Renero Augustine 2619788
Pardo Police Station

(Station 7)

P/Sr. Insp. Andres Bayarcal 2733642
Talamban Police Station

(Station 8)

P/Sr. Insp. Ryan Acidera Devaras 3447400
Guadalupe Police Station

(Station 9)

P/Chief Insp. Pedro Quedido 2562193
Punta Prinsesa Police Station

(Station 10)

P/Sr. Insp. Gilberto Ybanez Abellar 2615470 / 2617507
Mambaling Police Station

(Station 11)

P/Sr. Insp. Pablo Cabildo 2610454 / 2619804
Mobile Patrol Group Supt. Armando Radok 2320289/ 23238304/
Hotline: 166

Cebu City Police Office

Address: Camp Sotero Cabahug, Gorordo Ave, Cebu City


  • Police Assistance: 166 / 117 AFP
  • Central Command: 2334084 / 2334095
  • PRO 7 Operation Center: 2550935
  • CCPO Operation Center: 2330762
  • CPPO Operation Center: 2535798 / 2538566
  • MCPO Operation Center: 3448466/ 3441200
  • 2ND EODT: 23348485

Office Name of Head Contact/Telephone Numbers
Ofc. of the Deputy City Director P/Sr. Supt. Patricinio A. Comendador 2315802
Deputy for Operations P/Sr. Insp. Glenn Arres 2336795
Theft and Robbery Section P/Insp. Alexis Relado 2336703
Homicide Section SPO4 Mario A. Monilar 2332712
Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Branch (CIIB) P/Supt. Pablo G. Labra II 2330018
Crime Laboratory P/Insp. Nathan O. Alonsabi 2336799
Drug Enforcement Unit P/Insp. Mary Crystal Peralta 4122482
Crime Records P/Insp. Gloria R. Vargas 2362762
Female Juvenile and Gender Section (FJGS) Women’s P/Sr. Insp. Ann Ropeno 2324630
Bagong Buhay Rehabilitation Center (BBRC) Supt. Efren Nemeño 2336673 / 2318663
2336768 / 2386458
Drug Rehabilitation and After Care Center (DRACC) P/Supt. Pablo Rustico A. Apolonio 2314752
Finance and Supply Section P/Supt. Insp. Delia Rayoso 2316496

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