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How to Address and Support Mental Health

How to Address and Support Mental Health
"""Why is mental health a problem for employers?

A workplace can support its employees' overall well-being by treating mental health and its psychological component equally with the physical environment. Poor mental health not only hurts the individual, it also reduces corporate profits. It's important that all levels of the workplace - including the Board of Directors, management, finance, and human resources department - pay attention to this issue.

Are there any particular challenges at work that have an impact on the mental health of employees?

The way work is done and the context in which work occurs can have a significant impact on an employee's mental health - positively or negatively.

What actions may employers take to promote mental health?

One way to create a psychologically safe workplace is to implement a Comprehensive Workplace Health and Safety (CWHS) Program. A psychologically safe workplace would be free of excessive fear or chronic anxiety. An organization's commitment should start at the top. A psychologically safe workplace would promote workers' mental well-being and do not harm employee mental health through negligent, reckless, or intentional ways. For example, a psychologically safe workplace would be free of excessive fear or chronic anxiety.

What steps can be taken to win the organization's backing and participation?

Support and participation from all levels of the organization are crucial when introducing psychological health and safety initiatives, as they will help to improve the environmental and behavioral factors that affect how all employees interact with one another on a daily basis. Senior leaders Owners and senior leaders have the critical capacity to positively influence workplace culture, management practices, priorities, and values through setting the tone for the organization.

What else are employers able to do?

Eight tactics that employers can implement to promote positive mental health are listed below: Encourage active employee participation and decision-making Clearly define employees' duties and responsibilities Promote work-life balance Encourage respectful and non-derogatory behaviors Manage workloads Permit continuous learning Have conflict resolution procedures in place Effectively acknowledge employees' contributions (Adapted from the Canadian Mental Health Association's Workplace Me website).

Exist any further materials that CCOHS could offer?

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