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How to Choose and Hire an OH&S Consultant

How to Choose and Hire an OH&S Consultant
"""Why would someone or a company need a consultant?

There are certain things you should take into account if you have decided that you need to use a consultant's services to help you with your occupational health and safety (OH&S) program or compliance obligations. A wide variety of services are provided by health and safety consultants. They may assist you with: Technical assessments and measures, such as noise monitoring, ergonomics, air sampling, indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns, medical monitoring, etc., on an as-needed or continuous basis. assessments of your health and safety program, such as checks for compliance, industry standards checks, internal program reviews, etc. Create and implement program components such as policies and procedures.

Can I get OH&S consultancy services from CCOHS?

CCOHS does not provide all-encompassing OH&S consulting services. See the last question below for information on where to obtain OH&S consultants.

How do I determine the work's scope?

Consultants can aid you in determining what work has to be done if you are unsure of what you require. Because it outlines how and when the desired results (deliverables) will be accomplished, a scope of work document is useful. It's crucial to come to a job scope that both the customer and the consultant approve of. The scope of work should: describe the consultant's responsibilities and authority; clarify any procedural expectations by the client; specify how much work will be done in terms of the various aspects of the issue, problem, project, etc.; list any requirements for final reports or any limitations on developing recommendations; and specify steps to be taken to ensure confidentiality.

How can I tell if the consultant has the necessary training, experience, education, and credentials?

recognizing credentials

In Canada and other nations, the phrases ""certification"" and ""designation"" are frequently used interchangeably when referring to a person's qualifications in occupational health and safety, according to the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (2015). OH&S practitioners can currently achieve a variety of qualifications and distinctions. Qualifications of this kind typically serve to affirm that the person has shown they have met an agreed standard for the knowledge, skills, and abilities for which they have been examined. This is based on an assessment procedure. These certifications are offered to ""generic practitioners"" in health and safety as well as those with specializations in a particular field (such as construction) or industry (such as occupational hygiene or ergonomics). For more detailed information, get in touch with the organization that issues the certificate (see last question in this document). confirming appropriate experience or credentials Additionally, it's crucial to verify experience, ask for samples of work, and look up references. You can be confident that you have chosen the best service provider by speaking with prior clients and confirming the consultant's competency, professionalism, and capacity to provide results. You might also need to conduct qualification verification (licenses, degrees, certificates, etc.). For instance, several jurisdictions mandate that a professional engineer, qualified individual, or competent individual conduct different types of assessments. You can be asked to provide documentation to prove that a representative operating on your behalf in this capacity is appropriately qualified or competent in order to meet your legal duties as an employer. So, make sure you ask for, save, and provide proof of the person's credentials, resume, and verifiable references. A professional should voluntarily offer the supporting evidence for their experience or credentials and should not take offense at this request.

What types of inquiries might I make to the consultant or to some of their former clients?

Examples of queries to pose to the advisor or a former client include: Deadlines were met? Cost overruns occurred? Was the problem's analysis by the consultant correct? Did they make any useful suggestions? How well did he or she get along with the employees of the company? Who did the work? Who was supposed to complete the task? How well did the consultant set up meetings and follow them up? Which evaluation method was applied? How did their reports satisfy your expectations?

Is a written agreement necessary?

A written agreement is typically advised. A contract, like any other procurement procedure (for products or services), aids in upfront expectations clarification for both parties and can be used to settle disagreements later on. After creating a contract for services, it is a good idea to have it reviewed by someone with experience in this field because a badly written or ambiguous contract is of little use. The contract should be signed by both parties, who should each retain a copy.

How do I search for the best specialist to meet my needs?

Industry associations or organizations that award credentials may publish a list of their members who provide services. Health and safety associations are a reliable source of information and may also offer consultation or other services that are industry-specific. Use a search engine like Google to find specialists in your region. ""Occupational health and safety consultants"" is one of the key phrases. To assist focus the results, you might choose to include your specific themes (such indoor air quality) and location. The Board of Canadian Registered Safety People is one organization that offers certification or a directory of professionals who provide services (CRSP certification) Canadian Registration Board of Occupational Hygienists (consultant listed under Resources and ROH/ROHT certification) The CSSE is a Canadian society for safety engineering (CHSC certification) Health and Safety Consultants - Nova Scotia Association of Canadian Ergonomists, Directory of Consultants Association of Canadian Ergonomists, Directory of Ergonomists Directory of Consultants in Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety, Occupational Hygiene Association of Ontario National Industrial Hygiene Association (CIH certification) Association for American Industrial Hygiene (*We have highlighted these associations or accreditations in order to offer a possible recommendation. For more information about the organization's services, get in touch with them directly. Please be aware that the listing of these groups does not imply that CCOHS favors them above other organizations you may be aware of.) """ - https://www.affordablecebu.com/

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