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What Is Exempt Property in Bankruptcy?

What Is Exempt Property in Bankruptcy?
"People who wish to file for bankruptcy frequently fear that if they do so, the Bankruptcy Court will seize both their personal belongings and their residence. There is nothing further from the truth. This false belief causes many honest individuals to avoid filing for bankruptcy and continue living with overwhelming debt. The reality is that the Federal Bankruptcy Code allows you to retain many of your assets, including your home, by utilizing what are known as bankruptcy exemptions.

Exemptions are provisions outlined in federal and state bankruptcy statutes. They stipulate that certain types of assets are excluded from the bankruptcy procedure. Each state is permitted to determine which assets qualify as exempt and which do not. The first step in determining which ones apply to you is to determine which state's law applies to your situation. If you have recently relocated, this may no longer be the state in which you reside. A provision of federal law determines domicile for bankruptcy purposes. The court considers where you have resided for the previous 180 days prior to the filing date and applies the laws of the state where you have spent the majority of your time. For example, if you submit your case on July 1, it will be due on August 1. You relocated to Oklahoma from Arkansas on February 2 of the same year. You must have resided in Oklahoma for the majority of the past 180 days. Consequently, the Oklahoma bankruptcy laws apply to your case. But assume you relocated on May 12th. In this instance, only Arkansas state regulations will apply. After determining the applicable state law, you must then determine if you are limited to that state's bankruptcy rules or if you are also permitted to use federal rules. Some states, such as Arkansas, permit debtors to choose between State and Federal exemption rules, which can be advantageous contingent on the type of property being exempted. Some states, including Oklahoma, mandate the use of state-specific regulations.

After determining which set of rules apply to your situation, you can determine which property is exempt from those rules. Oklahoma has a comprehensive set of regulations governing common categories of property. Some of the most frequently used exemptions in Oklahoma bankruptcy include:

Homestead: A debtor has the right to retain his primary residence, regardless of whether it is a home built on land he owns or a manufactured home.

A debtor (or each debtor in the case of a joint bankruptcy) may exempt his interest in a motor vehicle worth up to $7500. This represents the debtor's equity in the vehicle, which is the vehicle's value minus any outstanding debt.

3. Household Goods and Furnishings: The individual may retain his or her household furnishings, including, but not limited to, kitchen utensils, a small personal computer, beds, and televisions.

Guns: A debtor may retain up to $2,000 worth of firearms used primarily for personal, family, or domestic defense or sport. Not covered are firearms held solely for investment or non-personal, family, or domestic use.

Clothing: The debtor and his or her family are exempt from having to pay tax on clothing.

Tools and Equipment: A debtor may retain up to $10,000 worth of tools used for farming or for a trade or profession (such as carpenter's tools or mechanic's tools).

7.Remuneration: Your wages from your employment are exempt from creditors' claims. You own the checking or savings account into which you deposit your paycheck. Earned Income Tax Credits are similarly considered exempt assets.

8. Jewelry: Your wedding bands and costume jewelry with a value not surpassing $3000.

Funds deposited into an IRA, 401(k), or other retirement savings device.

In Oklahoma, additional property types are addressed in addition to those listed above. Additionally, your state may have distinct regulations than Oklahoma. For more information, you should consult a bankruptcy attorney in your state.""

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