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Latest Gaisano Interpace Pricelist

You can download here the latest Gaisano Interpace Products Pricelist. Gaisano Interpace is one of the major retailers, distributors and suppliers of computers, printers and accessories in the Philippines.

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The Gaisano Interpace computer pricelist is in pdf format. This will be updated regularly. Click the links below to download. Please like, share or bookmark this page to keep us happy in posting the latest Gaisano Interpace pricelist.
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53 Patrick   (18 January 2018 9:18 AM)
Ryzen 5 1600
ASUS PRIME B350-plus
G.Skill Ripjaws V 16gb (dual) DDR4 3200
Samung 850 EVO 250GB
Seasonic S12G, 550watts PSU, 80 gold
SATA 1 TeraByte WD Blue 7200rpm

PA quote ako ng price and send to my email thnaks!

52 Patrick   (18 January 2018 9:15 AM)
hello wla bang amd cpu,mobo and gskill, corsair ram list?

51 maphil   (29 November 2016 10:32 AM)
good day ma'am/sir, pwede po bang makahingi ng latest price list ,cebu price lang po.

thank you..

50 Shin Shibuya   (17 September 2016 4:05 PM)
good day sir...do you sell or order a laptop body? my laptops' body is broken near the hinge...i dont know hot to fix it...pasting glue is not enough also...pls help

49 Raymund Velasco   (03 July 2016 1:37 AM)
Kindly send me your latest price list.
I will need 40 units.
Looking specifically for the following:
- Powerlogic casing with PS or Powerlogic ATX Ultimax 2000
- A4 tech mouse and keyboard bundle
- Monitor- HKC 21.5"2165A DVI HDMI LED

48 Tito Obligado   (14 June 2016 3:55 PM)
please quote this specification:
motherboard - gigabytes ga-x99p-sli (core i7)
120 gb Kingston SSD
RAM - 8gb
Hard Disk 500 gb
Video Card-128 bits (2gb RAM)
Power Supply - 750 W (True Rated)


47 christopher pintor   (08 June 2016 7:05 PM)
good evening! please send me the latest pricelist. thank you!

46 Kristine   (31 March 2016 3:24 PM)
Good afternoon, Kindly send me the list of prices of your monitor through my email. Thank you!

45 rexy redillas   (11 March 2016 5:36 AM)
please send the laptops price list...

44 Viem Alcantara   (02 November 2015 4:00 PM)
Kindly send the latest phone price list.

Thank you!


43 Jorge valdez   (02 September 2015 11:31 AM)
This is Jorge Valdez from Dental Works International,Kindly give me quotation of LED computer monitor 24 inches. Kindly quote me the lower price any brand.


42 Henry   (13 August 2015 8:45 AM)
Please send latest price list.

41 Carmen   (30 June 2015 7:30 PM)
Hi, just want to know the price list of an ACER laptop and notebook...please!
Looking forward to recieved a response and hearing from you...

39 servermkrcdo   (25 February 2015 9:45 AM)
request for january 2015 pricelist . thanks!

38 kinshen clark Rustia   (08 October 2014 7:21 PM)
hi! good evening, do you still have an intel celeron g1620 processor? I'm planning to buy one this weekend at your APM branch or in Country Mall

37 Boyet Marley   (04 August 2014 7:48 AM)
Any Available Toshiba Satellite L70 in CDO Branch?

36 Claire Tresmarias   (25 July 2014 9:49 AM)
do you have a G41C-GS motherboard?... if there is how much is the price?

34 siegfred   (13 June 2014 6:55 PM)
request for june pricelist... tnx!

35 admin   (17 June 2014 7:17 PM)
siegfred, pricelist for june 2014 is not yet available. Latest pricelist will be posted soon.

33 pankaj Zanzmera   (13 June 2014 1:46 PM)
Hello Sir

Pankaj Zanzmera Here

Sir I Have a Hardware Shop and
I am Starting to sell Computer Parts, so i am Interested in your deals..
Please Send me your Price list of all the Products...
And I'll Give you order by my Needs.....

Your Kindly
Pankaj Zanzmera

32 Zoey   (22 May 2014 6:11 PM)
I do my grocery shopping in gaisano carcar. I noticed that you consistently run out of brown rice. I would like to suggest that please stock on brown rice. I have friends who buys brown rice and they have to go to cebu city for it. Brown rice is good for diabetes ehich a lot of carcaranons suffer from so I hope you can help in maintaining healthy food choices in your groceries especially here in carcar city, cebu.

31 rique   (30 April 2014 9:45 AM)
Request latest pricelist on computer packages.

Thank you...

30 John   (29 March 2014 10:15 AM)
How much is a HP 2010 Printer? How much does the cartage cost?

29 Allan Macapundag   (18 February 2014 4:49 PM)
looking for a fresh pricelist

28 matthew catubig   (07 February 2014 9:10 PM)
good day, how much your printer HP 1515? and also the ink 650? tanx

27 marlon dialino   (12 September 2013 9:36 AM)
Good morning!! how much is the battery pack for samsung N-150 plus...

26 debbie garcia   (05 September 2013 10:08 AM)
Good Morning! We are requesting for the quotation of the following:

1 pc. Epson LX-310
1 pc. HP Laserjet P1102

Thank you.

24 Joseph   (11 August 2013 11:42 AM)
Hi!!!Good am...can you please send me an updated price list for August 2013

25 admin   (11 August 2013 8:00 PM)
Joseph, latest pricelist for August is posted above.

23 liza   (27 July 2013 10:55 PM)
Hi! I want to have a price list of your phones. Hoping for a positive reply.ty

22 Henry   (26 July 2013 10:26 AM)
Can I ask for the latest updated pricelist sir/ma'am? thanks. The one posted in your site is as of July 4, 2013

21 nebe   (23 June 2013 4:57 PM)
hi, can you send me an email about your current prices for desktop packages. thank

19 Munj D   (15 June 2013 12:57 PM)
can you please send me an updated price list for june 2013

20 admin   (15 June 2013 3:21 PM)
Munj D, pricelist for June 2013 has been posted above.

18 neil jarina   (11 April 2013 10:47 AM)
desktop price list

17 erikho   (15 January 2013 5:26 PM)
we need to buy bulk pc unit please contact me via email or ym.

16 erikho   (15 January 2013 5:25 PM)
please add me to ym for quotation invitations

15 Pamela Mae Bonita   (08 January 2013 9:19 AM)
Net book's prices and SPECS pls.

14 Ryan   (19 December 2012 3:38 PM)
Maybe all service centers are changing their computer accessories/parts to fix PC/laptop. You should write the serial numbers of the parts in the service form like in the motherboard, memory, video card, HDD, etc. Upon claiming, double check those parts.

13 roger   (02 November 2012 0:38 AM)
gustong kung ipaalam sa lahat ng mga consumer na mag.ingat kayo sa gaisano interpace pag may ipaayos kayo na laptop,deskstop dahil pag wala kayong alam sa computer, may mga parts na kanilang papalitan,wla po akong problema sa kanilang price,ang pangit sa kanila ay ang sevicing na napakatagal at papalitan pa ng ibang parts ang unit mo ng nakapababang klasi kaya mag ingan kayo kasi isa ako naging biktima nga kanilang sevicing.

12 cure   (05 October 2012 10:19 PM)
can i buy a windows 7 prof. 32bit operating system in your store,,how much is the price?

11 shennah   (01 October 2012 1:05 PM)
please send me new price list.

10 blair bagundol   (23 September 2012 4:30 PM)
request price updates

9 melvin nachor   (10 September 2012 2:37 PM)
how much a a4tech usb mouse

8 gerry aquino   (16 August 2012 10:38 AM)
how much belden cat5e

7 lucy mariveles   (02 July 2012 2:19 AM)
how much is the 3gig memory and 1 gig also

6 mavi apor   (04 April 2012 6:43 AM)
how much inyo mace crystal eye battery

5 claven gramatica   (29 February 2012 4:18 PM)
how much is lcd monitor today?..please do update me through my email address...

4 Jerry   (09 November 2011 4:05 PM)
I am trying to buy a new LED TV and am unable to find any part of a website for your chain of stores so I can check without traveling all around Mindanao looking for them. I can find prices and models in the SM website and for other stores, but your company website is either impossible to find, or like this site, impossible to find TVs and prices.

3 Michael Sotto   (13 September 2011 5:11 PM)
Continuoss Long Beeps problem...my RAM is new...power supply is working!!. How to fix this?

2 jaihoo   (04 July 2011 5:59 PM)
whats the best computer mouse (mouse) for gaming??

40 admin   (02 April 2015 11:53 AM)
Genius mouse. Highly durable!

1 robert   (07 March 2011 9:05 PM)
how much is video card? GEFORCE THAT HAVE OWN FAN