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Gaisano Interpace Branch in NRA, Cebu City (Contact Numbers)

Gaisano Interpace

Company Name: Gaisano Interpace
Branch Address:  Ground Floor, APM Shopping Mall, (Beside SM Cebu) A. Soriano Jr. Avenue, New Reclaimation Area, Cebu
Contact No. / Telephone No. / Fax No.:  (32) 505-9529 / (32) 505-9530
Official Website: http://www.gaisano-interpace.com
Email Address: [email protected]
Type of Business: IT / Electronics

Gaisano Interpace Branch in NRA, Cebu City (Contact Numbers)

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Juan Dela Cruz   (12 December 2011 9:54 PM)
Manager, Gaisano Mall - Roxas
Arnaldo Blvd., Roxas City

Dear Ma'am:

Christian Greetings!

Please accept this letter as our letter of complain, re: work ethics of Ms. Joylyn Aspera, HR Staff, Office 1, to wit:

She's treating every employee in a rude manner every time an employee enters to the office.
She is very keen on employee's benefits however shes taking it personal if somebody commits mistakes. She use this mistakes against somebody, thus it ended up for resignation of an employee.

This kind of behavior is inexcusable, and an unpleasant surprise from a company like Gaisano. We do not experience these before with the previous HR Staff until Ms. Aspera replaced the position. Keep in mind, however, that your actions will demonstrate how much your employee.

I,m just only a concerned citizen who wants to create a small voice to make a big noise because more casual employees are affected to this unwanted attitude of Ms. Aspera.

For thus who are concerned please help us give us some immediate action. To Department of Labor and employment, most especially to the company itself.

Thank You And More Power To all Of Us!