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Rich Real Radical Book Free Download (torrent - ebook)

Do you want a free download of the "Rich Real Radical" book (torrent or ebook) written by Jan Hilado and Hanz Florentino? Well, it's hard to find this kind of stuff here unless someone is already buying the book and upload it in torrent sites.
I'm not recommending you to download free Rich Real Radical Book in anywhere else.

Be careful in downloading those free stuffs in torrent sites. Usually, some uploaders in torrent sites infect their uploaded files with virus.

Just to be safe, you should buy the book at the bookstores in the Philippines such as in the National Bookstore.

If you want to know some background information about the Rich Real Radical book, here it is:

The title of the book: Rich Real Radical: 40 Lessons from a Magna Cum Laude and a College Drop out.

Rich Real Radical free book
image: richrealradical.com

The two wonderful authors; Hanz Florentino is the Magna Cum Laude guy and Jan Mckingley Hilado is College Drop out guy.

I salute this two guys who wrote a book at an early age and would probably make a difference in the youth today.

In the book, they will unfold to you the extremely inspiring stories and powerful lessons how they succeed in life regardless of their educational background.

They are young and fresh but achieve tremendous success in their chosen careers.

In the book, you will also learn their top ten practical lessons that can dramatically change your life to super-successful:
  1. The one simple question to make unstoppable to achieve what you really want in life
  2. The easy power technique to cope up in every problems
  3. Increase your value to make yourself highly demand in the marketplace
  4. The secret of selling anything - without actually selling
  5. Make yourself a creative genius
  6. The law to attract the abundant success in your life
  7. Lead even without a title
  8. Using a dating technique to be at the top of the competition and get ahead of your negative self
  9. To discover your unique switch to improve your relationship with others
  10. Use the ancient healing technique to release those negative energies and illnesses in your life
There are plenty more topics to be covered in the book.

To Jan Mck and Hanz, I kneel and bow down to you guys. And to all contributors of this book, ten stars to all you.

Do you want to have a free copy of the Rich Real Radical Book? Just tell us in the comment below.

We might not know. I hope Jan Mck and Hanz will sponsor to us a free copy of the book and help them promote their vision.

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