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Aquaponics in the Philippines

An Introduction to Aquaponics from Portable Farms™ USA

This is posted on the Philippine Government for awareness of our political leaders that there is a soluiton to the food production, environment, labor, energy.

The information hereunder was downloaded with Permission from Mr. Colle Davis, CEO of Portable Farms. Please take note of the production data provided by using his Portable Farm technology, that according to Mr. Colle Davis is a result of over 30 years experience.

Please take note of the productivity mentioned, that is the output per square meter of dedicated space for growing fish and vegetables. This could serve as a target or benchmark of productivity and whether or not we can achieve this or not remains to be seen. Somehow it is good to know that others have achieved such productivity standards and work towards attaining of surpassing such levels of output.

The Many Advantages of Aquaponics

1. For the Philippine scenario Aquaponics Technology as a solution to reduce cost of food production made available and efficient distribution systems can now alleviate and help protect children from and exploitation from pedophiles, child labor and women from exploitation because of hunger and poverty. Prostitution, drug pushing and other crime related to hunger and need for food. There is a first step in achieving a total fix for economic development.

2. Cost of production benefits; Families, Town, Municipalities and even cities can now produce their own food supply and the cost of transporting food is now saved. Save energy, protecting the environment from gas emissions, reducing our carbon footprint, a totally green solution to a country as miserable as the Philippines. Higher quality organically produced food for less cost…no need of chemical fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, packaging, throw away waste water, nothing goes to waste in an almost perfect eco-system.

3. Food Security, in case of economic collapse or catastrophe, people can still eat, no matter what happens to the stock-market, peso-dollar, people will not go hungry, no one has to beg, even labor strikers do not need to beg for assistance from the public, because laborers can produce their own fish and vegetables.. Man made or natural disasters, other sectors will have food available.

4. Water is conserved and recycled, nothing is wasted (except through evaporation) as in watering the plants on the soil, a complete and natural eco-system in your backyard, homes and community.

5. Fuel – less fuel will be used and consumed for food distribution used in transportation. More savings in dollars, less pollution, carbon reduction. Food production is now close to the consumers

6. Land/Forest – don’t cut our trees and preserve our forest for planting crops…protect and preserve mother earth, we can now plant in our backyard. If you need more space, plant vertical. This technology can be located anywhere especially when it is reinforced with Solar or Wind Energy as power requirements are minimal.

7. High Quality Food for the prisoners because they can produce and grow their own vegetables and produce fish. Quality food for everyone…and eco friendly, natural and toxic free…purely organic…

8. Proven growing technology – yet there is still so much to be discovered and learned from this process, questions like which plants to grow? which fish and which method best suited, which is the best combination of fish and plant and with God’s blessings only our imagination is the limit.

9. Protection from calamity or disaster, when these happens each area that is isolated for example because of an outbreak, can still have their own food. Fish can easily be covered with nets when flooded, a system when the right balance is reached can be self-sustaining. The fish feeding the plants and the plants feeding the fish.

10. Eco-tourism beautiful herbal, vegetable, gardens, ornamental plants and fishes and landscaping, self sustaining in every home, community and the country as a whole. For example, fountains, waterfalls, ponds are now both functional for the fish and serves as an irrigation system for the plants grown. Perhaps we can rebuild the hanging gardens of Babylon and the Water system of Rome, all using natural means and processes.

11. Ocean, seas and rivers need not be disturbed so they can populate again…seas no need for overfishing we can produce fishes on our backyard, we restore the sea and our corral reefs, we give back to the seas what we have taken away from them.

12. Healing of mother earth…go green again,…less heat from the sun transferred to the atmosphere since green plants absorb most of the energy…more green more oxygen in the air, more healthy population

13. Schools can also have some space for their student to learn to experiment and be creative and find more effective productive solutions using the principles of Aquaponics, there is so much to be explored and discovered..

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john aloria   (19 July 2015 1:58 PM) [Entry]

dear everyone,
currently we have vegetable seedling available that is already growing in sytrofoam cups with roots.. please col 09201117288..
thanks john

anthony   (11 February 2013 10:22 PM) [Entry]

hi sir, i am very interested to know more on aquaponics for my garden .can you email me on the cost for the set up? thank you very much!

JoelVasquez   (02 September 2012 4:59 PM) [Entry]

Hi Mariano, Maria, Jonathan,
Please email me for details mactanaquaponics@yahoo.com or sms me your email 09228047056.

Mariano de la Paz   (02 September 2012 2:21 PM) [Entry]

I am interested in starting an aquaponic system in my farm. How do I contact or where to buy materials and equipment?

Maria Pickering   (06 May 2012 10:33 PM) [Entry]

I am helping a poor community in Samar under the supervision of religious sisters...would you know how much will it cost for a community or every family to build one?


JoelVasquez   (01 March 2012 10:21 PM) [Entry]

Kindly advise me your email address or email to me to start connecting.
joel.mactan_aquaponics@yahoo.com or 09228047056 Thanks,

Jonathan   (01 March 2012 9:39 PM) [Entry]

Please send me contact info and general information on aquaponics .
I am looking to buy a setup.

Thanks, Jonathan
Bohol, Philippines

JoelVasquez   (13 February 2013 8:00 PM) [Entry]

hi Jonathan, pls email me regarding your enquiry at mactanaquaponics@yahoo.com or sms me your email at 09228047056, thanks, joel