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Yes for Peace Bayanihan Para sa Kapayapaan 2011 Activities...

I. Pre-implementation Phase

YES FOR PEACE 2011 Volunteer Coordinators (Regional Provincial/City and Municipal) shall:

A.    Coordinate with DepED Regional Directors, Provincial/ City Schools Division Superintendents, Municipal District Supervisors to schedule meeting with Principals to set implementation strategy and schedule of implementation. (note: Volunteers shall preferably be residents of the City or Municipality where the concerned DepED official holds office.)
B.    Request private sector, religious and civil society groups to sponsor the printing of YES FOR PEACE questionnaires, Homeroom Tabulation and School Summary forms.

  • No. of YES FOR PEACE 2011 questionnaires needed = Enrollment (Grade IV to 4th Year) x three (3)
  • No. of YES FOR PEACE 2011 Homeroom Tabulation forms needed = No. of Homerooms x seven (7)
  • No. of YES FOR PEACE 2011 School Summary Forms needed = No. of Schools x seven (7)
  • There are spaces in the YES FOR PEACE 2011 questionnaires for messages of coordinators and/or sponsors.
  • Sponsors may provide and post as many YES FOR PEACE 2011 posters and similar campaign materials in allowed public as well as private places (schools, stores, residences, public markets, etc.) and stickers (tricycles, jeepneys, buses, cars, books, notebooks, etc) as they may deem needed to maximize public awareness on the campaign.
Donations in kind shall be preferred. Cash Donations shall be discouraged.

C. Coordinate with the Postmaster of the nearest Post Office to ensure that filled-up campaign materials, e.g., YES FOR PEACE 2011 questionnaires, Homeroom Tabulation of Responses and School Summary of Responses shall be
accepted as Official Business mail.

II. Campaign Proper in Public and Private Elementary and High Schools

•    Day 1 (From October 2011 to last week of January 2012 -- as may be determined and agreed upon by DepED Schools Division Superintendents with Principals.)

Values Education and/or Araling Panlipunan teachers shall discuss the urgent need for people's participation in the peace process using the ten (10) questions and guide students (Grade IV to VI and 1st to 4th year) — the Primary Target Audience — in answering / filling-up of one YES FOR PEACE 2011 questionnaire each during their Values Education and/orAraling Panlipunan period.

Students / pupils shall be assigned to bring home YES FOR PEACE 2011 questionnaires and get the responses of their parents, out-of-school siblings, housemates, other relatives and neighbors — Secondary Target Audience.

  • In the worst case that there are no available sponsors, participating schools shall:
  • Enjoin pupils / students to copy and answer the YES FOR PEACE 2011 questionnaire in one whole sheet of intermediate paper.
  • Photocopy required number of YES FOR PEACE 2011 Homeroom Tabulation Forms (7 pieces per homeroom) and School Summary Forms (7 pieces per school).
•    Day 2 & 3
Students shall ask their parents and out¬of-school siblings and housemates to each answer a YES FOR PEACE 2011 questionnaire.

•    Day 4 (Flag Raising Day)

The following activities shall be conducted in all public and private elementary and high schools.
  • Ten (10) student leaders / officers of Student Governments shall read one question each before students / pupils who shall answer each question en masse during flag ceremonies.
  • The Mayor of the Supreme Pupil Government (SPG) / President of the Supreme Student Government (SSG) shall lead the recitation of the "Panunumpa ng mga Kabayani para sa Kapayapaan.
  • "Homeroom officers shall collect responses solicited by classmates from their parents and housemates.Homeroom officers shall tabulate responses and prepare seven (7) copies of Homeroom Tabulation Responses under the supervision of Values Education and/orAraling Panlipunan teachers.Homeroom officers shall securely pack the filled-up YES FOR PEACE 2011 questionnaires for mailing and address these as shown:
Yes for Peace
The Homeroom officers shall submit packed responses, together with seven (7) certified Homeroom Tabulation of Responses to the Mayor of the SPG / President of the SSG.

Officers of the SPG / SSG shall summarize the results as reflected in the Homeroom Tabulation of Responses.

The President and the Secretary of the SPG / SSG shall prepare / certify seven (7) sets of the School Summary of Responses with one copy each of all Homeroom Tabulation of Responses under the Supervision of the School Principal.

The President and the Secretary of the SPG / SSG shall fold and secure School Summary of Responses with Homeroom Tabulation(s) Responses for mailing / hand delivery to:
  1. Office of the Secretary, Department of Education
  2. Inter-Agency Technical Working Group do the Postmaster General
  3. Schools Division Superintendent
  4. Schools District Supervisor
  5. School Principal
  6. Homeroom Teacher
  7. Student Government file
•    Day 5

Officers of the SPG/SSG shall mail packed responses together with one (1) set of School Summary of Responses and Homeroom Tabulation(s) of Responses at the nearest Post Office in the presence, where possible, of Local Government Officials.


•    Day 6

Postmasters shall dispatch filled-up YES FOR PEACE 2011 questionnaires TOGETHER with one (1) set of School Summary of Responses and Homeroom Tabulation(s) of Responses securely in M-Bags as addressed above.
NOTE: The above activities shall be conducted starting September 2011 until the last week of January 2012.

III. Online Gathering of Responses

Online responses (Tertiary Target Audience) shall be generated through various social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

An inter-active website — www.yesforpeace.info— shall be established and maintained to provide updates on the campaign.

IV.    Data-Processing, Processing and Evaluation of Responses

Results shall be summarized and evaluated as these are received by the YES FOR PEACE 2011 Inter-Agency Technical Working Group.

V.    Delivery of Results

Results at hand shall officially be submitted by the DepED Secretary, the Postmaster General and representatives of partner institutions to H.E. President Benigno S. Aquino III during the celebration of the 26th Anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution.

All armed revolutionary groups shall be kept informed of the progress of the campaign through mass media, including online social networking sites.

Additional Information:

The Yes for Peace-Bayanihan Para sa Kapayapaan 2011 which was announced in DepEd Memorandum No. 277, s. 2011 has the following additional information:
1.  To maximize the number of responses to the campaign, the school heads (SHs) who have not yet complied are requested to participate in the campaign before the last day of regular classes of School Year (SY) 2011-2012 and to include their participation in their Annual Reports for SY 2011-2012;

2.  To facilitate the preparation of the report on the campaign to be submitted to the Office of the President, the regional directors (RDs), schools division/city superintendents (SDSs), district supervisors (DSs) are requested to facilitate the preparation and submit the Summary of Responses (downloadable from: http: / /yesforpeace.yolasite.com) to the campaign in their respective areas of jurisdiction, to wit:
  1. The SDSs and DSs shall base their Summary of Responses on School Summary Forms submitted by the principals/SHs and submit a hard copy to the RDs and SDSs as soon as possible but not later than April 15, 2012;
  2. The SDSs shall base their Summary of Responses on the reports submitted by DSs and submit it to their RDs and SDSs not later than April 30, 2012; and
  3. The RDs shall base their Summary of Responses on the reports submitted by SDSs and submit a hard copy to any of the following not later than May 15, 2012:
The Office of the Undersecretary for Programs and Projects 
DepEd Central Office, DepEd Complex
Meralco Avenue, Pasig City

YES FOR PEACE – Bayanihan Para sa Kapayapaan
Inter-Agency Technical Working Group (TWG)
c/o Philippine Postal Corporation 3/F Central Post Office
Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila 1000

3.  Scanned copies of the abovementioned reports are also requested to be forwarded by e - mail to the following:

Atty. Domingo B. Alidon 
DepEd National Employees’ Union
E-mail Address: doms_ali@yahoo.com

Mr. Ernesto Angeles Alcanzare
Lead Organizer, Yes for Peace
E-mail Address: yes4peace@gmail.com 

4.  The principals/SHs who have prepared pictorial documentation and narrative reports on the "Panunumpa ng mga Kabayani Para sa Kapayapaan” and other related activities which have been undertaken are requested e-mail these to the abovementioned e-mail addresses and post it in www.faceboook.com/YES-FOR-PEACE-BAYANIHAN-PARA-SA-KAPAYAPAAN.

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