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15 Facts About Bankruptcy You May Not Know!

15 Facts About Bankruptcy You May Not Know!
"""15 Facts About Insolvency""

Prevents the foreclosure of a residence.

Prevents repossession. For instance, if your vehicle is being repossessed, bankruptcy can prevent the repossession and possibly reduce your monthly payment.

Stops debt collectors. If you are delinquent on your bills and your creditors are continually calling you, you will no longer receive calls once you file for bankruptcy.

Allows you to maintain both your car and your home. The majority of individuals who declare bankruptcy are able to retain their home and vehicle while repaying their debts.

The new bankruptcy laws are actually more beneficial than the old ones.

When you are married and the majority of your debts are in one name, you can file separately.

Insolvency is not published in newspapers.

8. filing quickly is typical. Some are concerned that filing will take eternally, but this is not the case. Generally, it can be completed within one to two days if you provide the essential documentation.

The bankruptcy laws are federal laws, and cases are presented before the federal court.

You must file a bankruptcy petition with a magistrate.

11. Not all debts are forgiven upon filing bankruptcy.

Student loans and tax debt are typically not dischargeable in bankruptcy.

Your credit report will indicate bankruptcy for ten years after filing.

Filing for bankruptcy can reduce payments...

Debtors must meet with a credit counselor and attend a class on money management six months prior to filing for bankruptcy.

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