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Bankruptcy: A Need To Know Basis

Bankruptcy: A Need To Know Basis
"One of the most prevalent bankruptcy myths is the belief that everyone will learn that you have registered for bankruptcy. Although bankruptcy filings are a matter of public record, your case will not be publicized on billboards or in newspapers. In fact, unless you tell them, no one in your personal life will even know.

Keeping It Confidential

Your acquaintances and family will not find out about your bankruptcy unless someone snoops through legal documents. This is extremely rare, so you have no reason to be concerned about your private information becoming public. Yes, your bankruptcy petition is a matter of public record, but only for legal and judicial purposes. Your secret is safe unless someone has reason to eavesdrop on you or investigate your business. Therefore, if a person in your life played no part in your bankruptcy, do not inform them.

With the exception of a spouse or former spouse. Filing for bankruptcy during or after a marriage or divorce can complicate matters. Obviously, your spouse will and should be aware of your bankruptcy prior to filing. They may be partially liable for certain debts and the filing could have a significant impact on them. Always discuss your debt relief options with your spouse, as they may choose not to file or benefit more from filing jointly.

Informing your ex-spouse can be extremely difficult. If there are no jointly held debts that will be included in the filing and no jointly held assets that are at risk, you can keep your bankruptcy filing private. However, if your ex-spouse is jointly liable for a debt you wish to discharge or possesses an asset that may be at risk, you must inform them of your intent to file.

Legal Security

Numerous individuals fear that their employer will discover their bankruptcy and cause them to lose their employment. There is no legal requirement for an employer to check a worker's credit history while they are employed, so it is extremely uncommon for a current employer to discover your status. Nonetheless, some employers conduct credit checks as part of the hiring procedure, which could disclose your bankruptcy filing.

You can rest assured that this is impossible, at least from a legal standpoint. Employers or potential employers are prohibited by bankruptcy laws from discriminating against you based on your bankruptcy filing status. Consult an attorney to discuss your legal options if you believe that your current or prospective employer discriminated against you because of your bankruptcy. You may be eligible to receive your job back or severance pay.""

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