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How to Avoid Insolvency

How to Avoid Insolvency
"""Bankruptcy is a prominent consequence of the global recession and a condition that has afflicted millions of people worldwide. Filing for bankruptcy may appear to be the simple solution to many debt-ridden situations. Unknown to most, however, this is not the optimal solution. Declaring bankruptcy will have a negative impact on your credit scores, and in some circumstances your property may also be seized. Moreover, you cannot be certain that all of your debts will be forgiven. Therefore, consider alternative options that will prevent bankruptcy.

Improving your credit standing to the point where you can repay at least a portion of your debt is the most practical solution. You can accomplish this by selling some of your assets or reducing your household expenses. These are drastic measures that will require adjustments to your lifestyle, such as giving up satellite television or dining out less. However, they are effective and will result in an increase in your bank account balance.

Consider approaching a debt management company if your financial outlook is bleak and you are struggling to make even the minimum monthly payments. They will then contact your creditors or collection agency in order to devise a debt consolidation or debt settlement plan. In these turbulent economic times, most creditors would rather reduce the debt by 40-60% than file for bankruptcy. This guarantees that they will recover a portion of their loan.

If interest rates are decreased, minimum monthly payments can also be decreased. This is the objective of a consolidation program. Most of these programs also waive late fees and over-limit fees to alleviate your financial burden.

If you can determine the optimal debt repayment plan for your circumstances, you can negotiate directly with your creditors. Remember that filing for bankruptcy should be your last resort.""

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