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Individual Voluntary Agreements - How to Become Debt-Free

Individual Voluntary Agreements - How to Become Debt-Free
"Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVAs) provide a government-sponsored way out of debt for individuals who are in or on the verge of falling into a debt quagmire. The IVA, which is governed by the Insolvency Act of 1986, is a formal agreement between the debtor and his creditors in which the debtor agrees to repay his creditors over a specified time period (typically five years). This solution can assist an individual in regaining a robust financial status at the conclusion of the five-year period. Individual Voluntary Agreements have the advantage over unregulated programs such as Debt Management Programs in that they are legally binding, as the government backs them and a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner oversees the agreement.Individual Voluntary Agreements are available to any individual, sole proprietor, or partner who has been unable to repay his creditors for a brief time and is now facing the threat of having his property seized in the event that he is declared insolvent. It is especially useful for individuals whose business or finances have suffered a transient setback as a result of an economic downturn, but are likely to recover in the future.To be eligible for Individual Voluntary Agreements, an individual must satisfy certain eligibility requirements. Initially, he must have debts in excess of £15,000. Second, these obligations must be incurred with three distinct creditors. This means that a person who has three distinct loan components from a single bank or creditor, such as a credit card, mortgage, and personal loans, is not eligible for an IVA. In addition, he must be able to make monthly payments to his creditors and have a stable source of income.The initial step in utilizing Individual Voluntary Agreements is to seek the counsel of a professional, who can evaluate the debtor's situation and help him determine if this is the best option. If deemed necessary, the professional can assist the debtor in calculating the monthly payments he can afford to make to creditors and drafting an agreement. A formal agreement is then drafted, signed by the debtor, and witnessed by an attorney or commissioner of oaths. Following this, an application for an interim order is made, after which creditors are prohibited from seizing the debtor's property. The terms of the agreement are then discussed with the creditors, and if they agree to the terms, the debtor can become debt-free if he makes the agreed-upon payments for the agreed-upon period, even if they do not cover the total amount of the original debt.
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