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Is It Hard to Get Credit After Filing Bankruptcy?

Is It Hard to Get Credit After Filing Bankruptcy?
"Due to the dread of credit-ruining effects, many individuals do everything possible to avoid bankruptcy. The credit industry has devoted a great deal of time using fear to control consumers. The majority of individuals believe that if they declare bankruptcy, they will never see another credit card in their lifetime. Others believe they will never own a residence or purchase a new vehicle. All of this was perpetrated by the credit industry. They understand that if they can maintain a person's fear of losing credit, they will be able to collect interest from this person for the remainder of his or her life. It is true that we live in a credit-based society, and it is crucial to protect one's credit score whenever possible. Occasionally, circumstances are unavoidable, and occasionally we all make errors by making poor purchases. It is difficult to avoid living a life of ""Keeping up with the Joneses."" Everywhere we turn, we are bombarded with advertisements for newer, better televisions, automobiles, mobile phones, etc., along with the creditor's hook: ""Why wait when you can buy it now on credit?""It is evident that nearly everyone has fallen victim to credit addiction. It helps us justify why we need something and how affordable it is. We no longer understand the meaning of ""needs"" as Americans. The majority of people who amass a mountain of debt likely cannot recall what they purchased that caused the debt to develop. At that point, it is time to break the cycle, and declaring bankruptcy is likely the quickest method to do so. It is true that declaring bankruptcy will leave a large red ""B"" on one's credit report, but when you consider that a significant component of a credit score is the debt-to-income ratio, a person who is in a position to file for bankruptcy likely has no available credit. This will result in exceptionally high ratios and poor credit scores. Add to this a number of late payments, and the idea of declaring bankruptcy begins to appear very appealing. The benefit of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy is that it will halt everything and give the debtor time to reflect on what led them to their current financial situation. Hopefully, a few reprimands from the bankruptcy counsel will also assist in correcting someone.Immediately following the bankruptcy discharge, creditors begin sending out offers. People must realize that creditors are opportunists who are aware that, despite the bankruptcy filing appearing on one's credit report, the individual may be debt-free and have no other credit obligations. As long as a person is employed, they will appear to be a high-risk investment. Post-bankruptcy individuals should exercise extreme caution before re-entering a precarious financial situation, as most credit offers come with an initial fee. An excellent piece of advice would be to appreciate being debt-free and paying cash for everything. Eventually, credit will be available, and presumably the individual will develop more respect.
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