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Obtain a New Beginning After Filing For Bankruptcy

Obtain a New Beginning After Filing For Bankruptcy
"Due to a variety of problems that can arise, many people find themselves in a financial situation in which they have so much debt that it seems impossible for them to repay everything they owe. Filing for bankruptcy could be their only option for correcting their financial situation and starting over.

Undoubtedly, submitting a claim form when destitute is a last resort and should never be taken casually. When people are in a deep pit of debt and are unable to make even the minimum payments due to a lack of income, there are measures they can take before taking drastic action. When people are overburdened with debt, credit counseling is available, and sometimes they even take on a second job to help make the payments.

Unfortunately, there are numerous instances in which these approaches are insufficient, leaving individuals with no other option but to seek legal bankruptcy relief. Even though there are significant negative repercussions associated with declaring bankruptcy, it is a legal action that provides relief from creditors and a chance to start over financially.

Before deciding to file for bankruptcy, one should consult with a bankruptcy attorney or, at the very least, a credit counseling service. Many people attempt to save money on attorney fees by filing for bankruptcy on their own, but if anything is neglected, they can find themselves in a worse situation than before, as the case can be thrown out of court if not properly handled. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that people pay for professional assistance with being bankrupt, so they can rest assured that it will be done correctly.

Filing for legal relief is governed by federal law, which governs the complete procedure, and all paperwork and claim forms are filed in federal courts. Under federal bankruptcy law in the United States, there are three categories that can be filed.

You can apply for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13. Each type of filing has unique requirements; therefore, it is advisable to seek professional assistance to ensure that you file for the correct variety.

After submitting, creditors are prohibited from attempting to collect on debts included in the bankruptcy filing. In addition, once they have been notified that you have filed a claim form, they cannot pursue any legal action or lawsuit against you. When the bankruptcy has been completed and discharged, the debts have been rendered essentially null and void, and your creditors are no longer able to make collection demands.

Filing for bankruptcy will undoubtedly leave negative markings on your credit report for several years. Due to this, it is advisable to refrain from job searching and apartment hunting once the process has begun. Therefore, if feasible, it is preferable to have stable employment and housing first.

After the bankruptcy has been concluded and you have been discharged, you can then begin the process of reestablishing your credit history. Eventually, despite the fact that it will remain on your credit report for ten years, you will once again have a high credit score. Within a few years of filing for bankruptcy, many individuals have higher credit scores than ever before because they have become better money administrators.

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