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Obtaining Credit Cards Following Bankruptcy

Obtaining Credit Cards Following Bankruptcy
"Even though there is less of a stigma attached to declaring bankruptcy than there once was, a person will still encounter a number of obstacles. The most apparent difficulty you will encounter is obtaining credit. This is somewhat justifiable, given that your past actions have demonstrated that you cannot manage your finances. However, there must come a time when people are given a second opportunity and assisted in regaining financial stability. This article will discuss credit card eligibility after bankruptcy. It will discuss the most common varieties as well as factors to consider prior to taking one.

There are two different categories of credit cards: secured and unsecured. Typically, secured cards are backed by assets. In the majority of cases, this refers to a bank account with a specific balance. This quantity is generally equivalent to the card's credit limit. Others may be secured by equity in the residence.

In most cases, individuals who have filed for bankruptcy will be unable to obtain a secured credit card and will prefer an unsecured option (in reality, the majority of individuals prefer this type of card). A credit card without security features no protection. It is essentially a loan that the bank grants you each month, which you can repay at the end of the month or incur interest on.

It is advantageous in many ways to obtain a credit card, so long as it is used responsibly. Using and paying off the card's debt can help you rebuild your credit so that you can qualify for better offers in the future. However, you must use credit responsibly and make regular payments. This requires some discipline, particularly if credit card mismanagement led to your bankruptcy in the first place.

Assessing the merits of each is part of acting responsibly. There is little doubt that an insolvent will receive a credit card with a higher interest rate if they apply for an unsecured credit card. If you intend to pay it off each month, this may not be a problem, but you should consider this before accepting the responsibility.

An additional assurance is that the annual and other fees will be increased. This is a common method used by credit companies to generate revenue. Monthly annual fees may exceed fifty percent of the card's monthly credit limit. This means that you pay this amount each month for the privilege of possessing the credit card. Depending on the card's limit, you may only be able to use it in limited circumstances. This may protect the financial institution, but it renders your card virtually useless. The only purpose it would serve is to improve your credit score.

There may be additional fees associated with the card if monthly payments are not made. There may be additional fees that were not initially apparent. Be mindful to read the fine print before signing up. Check for all expenses. If a bank or credit company employee is assisting you, inquire about all fees and penalties.

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