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Yes, You Can Get Credit And Credit Cards After Bankruptcy, And I'll Show You How!

Yes, You Can Get Credit And Credit Cards After Bankruptcy, And I'll Show You How!
"The majority of us dislike the concept of bankruptcy and the damage it would cause to our credit. There is no magical cure for debt, including bankruptcy, so we would avoid it in every manner possible. However, if you do file for bankruptcy and your motion is granted, reality sets in! What now? Who will extend me any form of credit? Where can a credit card be obtained? These are all valid concerns, and they tend to terrify the majority of individuals because establishing and sustaining a good credit rating took a lifetime!However, what about those who resort to bankruptcy as a last resort? How and where do you start over? After a bankruptcy, the best method is with a copy of your credit report! Why? As a result of the massive and far-reaching effects a bankruptcy has on your credit rating, the majority of people will have significant errors on their credit reports. Your credit rating has been wiped clear, or so it should be! Did you know that up to 76 percent of our credit reports contain errors for the majority of people with all three credit reports? Even with these errors, it is still possible to obtain poor credit credit cards! Would you believe that one of the most common errors is that items that should have been removed by bankruptcy but are still listed as chargeoffs? I have an entire website where I explain in detail how to alter this and rescue your credit! I'll provide a link below, and be on the lookout for my other articles on this topic!You can repair your credit while applying for new credit, which is the best method to raise your score! Some creditors are aware that you cannot file for bankruptcy again for another seven years, making it easier than most people realize to obtain credit; however, you must know where to search. Credit cards are the best way to begin, as some are simple to obtain even after a bankruptcy, and they promptly report to all three credit bureaus, so make on-time payments! Knowing where to look will be of great assistance when applying for credit cards, as applying for too many at once will not only harm your score and cause it to drop, but the lower it gets, the less likely you are to be approved! The lesson here is to register for credit cards where it will benefit you the most.I had my identity stolen and went through bankruptcy shortly after, so I have extensive knowledge in this area. A professional ID theft ring stole my identification card and burned their rental home to evade the authorities! In an effort to assist others, I have created multiple websites on these subjects. The most important piece of advice I can offer is to not give up and to use my experience to seek assistance! Things are not as terrible as you may believe, and if you apply yourself and get angry enough to fight back, you will come out on top!Strictly Reserved! This article may only be reproduced, reprinted, or posted in its entirety and with all links intact!
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