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What to Do When You Can No Longer Pay Your Credit Cards - How Bankruptcy Can Help You

What to Do When You Can No Longer Pay Your Credit Cards - How Bankruptcy Can Help You
"""It doesn't really matter if you used your credit card to pay for your daily expenditures when you were unemployed or if you used it to buy a bunch of flashy new toys, such as a flat-screen television or video games. What matters is that you can no longer pay your credit cards because your cash flow is extremely limited, your cards are maxed out, and you can no longer use them. You are likely desperate to find a method to eliminate your debt and protect your family from creditors who are threatening to sue you and seize your possessions.

If you've been considering credit card consolidation services or other alternatives to bankruptcy, I have some bad news for you: there are none. Either you pay off your debts or make the minimum monthly payment, or you file for bankruptcy.

Listen up: credit consolidation will not protect you from litigation, wage garnishments, or bank account levies. These service providers are incapable of halting any legal action brought against you. In many instances, they will request payment in advance, and if you sue them, good luck getting a response. If you do, they will advise you to disregard the lawsuit and that they will negotiate on your behalf. I am aware of this because it occurred to me. Not to be trusted! Credit card companies and debt collectors will seize everything you own and force you into homelessness.

By discussing your situation with a bankruptcy attorney, you can spare yourself and your family from all of this needless financial risk and stress. He or she will explain what chapter 7 bankruptcy is and what you can expect. Sure, it will have a negative impact on your credit score, but trust me, as soon as your bankruptcy is discharged, your credit score will recover much more quickly than if you continue to make minimum payments on a number of maxed-out credit cards.

Bankruptcy is not for scofflaws, but for those in dire financial straits who are desperate for assistance. By filling out an online form with your contact information and the amount of debt you owe, you can receive a free, confidential consultation. This is the first step to regaining financial stability and getting back on your feet.""

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