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Help Filing For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy When You Cannot Pay Your Debts

Help Filing For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy When You Cannot Pay Your Debts
"""So, your credit cards are maxed out, and you can't even make the minimum monthly payments anymore, right? It makes little difference whether you are unable to pay due to a medical emergency, a divorce, or simply a lack of financial discipline. The reality is that you cannot pay your obligations, and your creditors are taking swift action against you. First, they will call you multiple times per day, and then they will send you harassing letters. If you have not paid by that time, they will turn your account over to a collection agency and eventually sue you for everything you own.

Listen, attempting to negotiate or reason with your creditors is akin to teaching a camel how to play golf. It is not going to occur. They are indifferent to your predicament. They may """"give you a reprieve"""" by waiting a few days for the minimum payment, but it will make little difference. You are still unable to recompense them, and they remain committed to collecting from you in some fashion.

Talking To A Bankruptcy Lawyer

Do not be frightened by the sound of the word ""bankruptcy."" This does not equate to a derelict. It is a protection granted by the government to consumers who reach a point where they cannot repay their debts. By speaking with bankruptcy attorneys in your area, you can gain a clear understanding of what the process entails; they will answer all of your concerns and provide straightforward advice on what to anticipate.

Don't fall for schemes involving debt settlement or consolidation. These two are not protected by the court systems, and if you are prosecuted, they will vanish and refuse to defend you. Those services are not a lawful recourse against your creditors and debt collectors; if you cannot pay your debts and are terrified of losing everything you own, you should speak with a bankruptcy attorney rather than a shady service.

Look, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not imply you will be begging on the streets. Quite the opposite is true. You will be given a fresh start to begin rebuilding your financial life and providing your family with the life they deserve, without having to worry about past-due credit card bills, bill collectors, or the tension of having no means to pay your debt. Do not delay further. Consult with a bankruptcy attorney in your area today. Your consultation is 100% free and strictly confidential.""

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