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Personal Voluntary Arrangements for a Novice

Personal Voluntary Arrangements for a Novice
"If you are unfamiliar with Individual Voluntary Arrangements, you may be confused about a number of factors, including how these arrangements can help you avoid bankruptcy, how they differ from other non-regulated schemes such as debt management programs, and whether you will be eligible to use these arrangements to clear your debts.Individual Voluntary Arrangements are government-sponsored programs that aid indebted individuals in avoiding bankruptcy by formalizing an agreement with creditors to make lesser payments over a specified time period, typically five years. In normal circumstances, when a person is unable to repay his creditors for several months, the creditors could declare the person insolvent and sell his assets to recover their debts. IVAs protect the debtor's assets so long as he continues to make payments in accordance with the terms of the agreement.In order to qualify for Individual Voluntary Arrangements, an individual must owe more than £15,000 to at least three creditors. It is insufficient to have three debt products from the same creditor, such as credit cards, mortgages, and personal loans. The individual must have a steady income and be capable of making modest monthly payments.If you are uncertain about whether Individual Voluntary Arrangements are right for you, the first step is to speak with a debt consultant who can evaluate your financial situation and recommend the best solution. If he recommends an IVA, the next step is to contact an Insolvency Practitioner who will examine your finances, determine the monthly payments you can afford, and draft a contract outlining the terms. You will then be required to sign the contract in the presence of a Solicitor or Commissioner for Oaths. Your creditors will then discuss your proposal. It is finalized once the insolvency practitioner integrates any requested modifications after consulting with you.
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