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Top Billionaires in the Philippines 2014

Take a look at the Philippines' pride, our Filipino-billionaire countrymen:

Top Billionaires in the Philippines 2014

Forbes listed ten (10) Filipinos on its "World's Billionaires 2014" list issued on March 2014.

No.NAMENET WORTH (in billion US dollars)NET WORTH (in billion Philippine pesos)AGESOURCE
1Henry Sy & Family$11.4Php 510.7289diversified
2Lucio Tan & Family$6.1Php 273.2879diversified
3Andrew Tan$4.7Php 210.5661diversified
4Enrique Razon, Jr.$4.2Php 188.1654ports
5John Gokongwei, Jr.$3.9Php 174.7286diversified
6David Consunji$3.3Php 147.8492construction
7George Ty & Family$2.3Php 103.0481banking
8Tony Tan Caktiong & Family$1.7Php 76.1661fast food
9Robert Coyiuto, Jr.$1.5Php 67.2061power
10Andrew Gotianun & Family$1.2Php 53.7685real estate
$1 = Php 44.8 (US-Peso dollar rate is based on Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) forex rate as of March 21, 2014)

Top Billionaires in the Philippines 2013

Eleven (11) Filipinos made it to the Forbes' list of World's Billionaires issued on March 2013.

No.NAMENET WORTH (in billion US dollars)NET WORTH (in billion Philippine pesos)AGESOURCE
1Henry Sy & Family$13.5550.488diversified
2Lucio Tan & Family$5203.978diversified
3Enrique Razon, Jr.$4.9199.853ports
4Andrew Tan$3.9516160diversified
5David Consunji & Family$2.8114.291construction
6George Ty & Family$2.610680banking
7Lucio and Susan Co$281.5
8Robert Coyiuto, Jr.$1.665.260power
9Tony Tan Caktiong & Family$1.457.160fast food
10Andrew Gotianun & Family$1.248.985real estate
11Roberto Ongpin$1.248.976diversified
US-Peso dollar rate is based on Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) forex rate as of March 5, 2013.

Top Billionaires in the Philippines 2012

In March 8, 2012, Forbes updated their list of Billionaires in the World for year 2012. Usually, it takes many cash-generating companies to create and develop in order to become a billionaire. Only six people from the Philippines made it in the Forbes World's Billionaires List 2012. Their net worth are calculated in March 2012. 

Top Billionaires in the Philippines 2012

NAMENET WORTH (in billion US dollars)NET WORTH (in billion Philippine pesos)AGESOURCE
Henry Sy & Family
$8 billionPhP340 billion87diversified
Lucio Tan & Family$3.5 billionPhP148.75 billion77diversified 
Andrew Tan$2.1 billionPhP89.25 billion59diversified 
Enrique Razon Jr.$1.9 billionPhP80.75 billion52ports
Eduardo Cojuangco$1.3 billionPhP55.25 billion76food and drinks
Roberto Ongpin$1 billionPhP42.5 billion75diversified 
Some figures are collected from Forbes.com. Conversion in Philippine pesos is personally made.

Let's get some details of the Top 6 Billionaires in the Philippines

1. Henry Sy

Henry Sy
Henry Sy - the first Billionaire in the Philippines 2012

Ranks as the first Philippine bilionaire in 2012 Forbes list, Henry Sy is a Chinese-Filipino businessman and considered as the "mall magnate" and "the richest person in the Philippines". Are you frequently shopping in his SM mall? He owns the SM shopping malls which currently have 43 branches all over the Philippines and in China. SM Supermalls is under the SM Prime Holdings, Inc. (also owned by Henry Sy). SM Prime Holdings, Inc. is the largest retailer and shopping mall operator in the Philippines. Some of the major businesses he owns includes:
  • Banco de Oro (BDO) - bank
  • Belle Corporation - real estate developer
  • Highland Prime Inc. - leisure properties developer
  • China Banking Corporation - commercial bank
  • SM Development Corporation - close-end investment company
Sy started his business through selling second-hand shoes from Marikina.

2. Lucio Tan

Lucio Tan
Lucio Tan - the second Billionaire in the Philippines 2012

Also a Chinese-Filipino businessman, billionaire Lucio Tan is the "second richest man in the Philippines". Did you experience traveling by air through Philippine Airlines (PAL)? He owns PAL. Other companies and institutions he owns includes:
  • Asia Brewery - 2nd largest beverage company in the Philippines
  • Airphil Express - one of the major passenger airlines in the Philippines
  • Foremost Farms, Inc. - hog-raising company
  • Tanduay Holdings - maker of rum drinks
  • Himmel Industries, Inc. - chemical trading company
  • University of the East
  • Philippine National Bank (PNB)
  • Allied Bank
Though a non-smoker, Tan established a cigarette company called Fortune Tobacco. In a January-March 1999 Edition of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, Solita Monsod, an economics professor at the University of the Philippines and former Economic Planning Secretary, described Lucio Tan this way,

"Lucio Tan is a role model for the worst kind of conduct as far as our national objectives are concerned. He signals that you can evade taxes and get away with it, pay the courts and get the judges to decide in your favour, get good lawyers and delay your cases. The messages that are given by the kind of treatment that he gets from the Government are the antithesis of what we need for sustainable development: an even playing field and Government intervention of the right kind."

3. Andrew Tan

Andrew Tan
Andrew Tan - the third Billionaire in the Philippines 2012

An immigrant from China, billionaire Andrew Tan was born in the Fujian province. He transferred to Manila and studied Accounting at the University of the East. Haven't you heard of the Emperador Brandy? He is the man behind brandy which became the world's best-selling brandy in year 2006. It is a product of his Emperador Distellers Incorporation. Other companies he owns include:
  • Alliance Global Group Inc. (AGI) - holding firm which composed of three companies:
    • Megaworld Corporation - real estate developer
    • Emperador Distillers Incorporation
    • Golden Arches Development Corporation - possesses a franchise in McDonald's
Tan cultivated the spirit of thriftiness at young age. While he was studying, He preferred to walk to school rather than riding.

4. Enrique Razon Jr.

Enrique Razon Jr.
Enrique Razon Jr. - the fourth Billionaire in the Philippines 2012

Billionaire Enrique Razon Jr. owns the International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI) which is a leading port management company in the Philippines. Some of the companies he owns includes:
  • Baltic Container Terminal Gdynia Ltd.
  • Bauan International Port Inc.
  • Madagascar International Container Terminal Services Ltd.
  • Manila International Container Terminal
  • Subic Bay International Terminal Corporation
  • South Cotabato Inegrated Port Service Inc.
  • Tecon Suape S.A.

5. Eduardo Cojuangco

Eduardo Cojuangco
Eduardo Cojuangco - the fifth Billionaire in the Philippines 2012

A partial Irish, Spanish and Chinese descent, billionaire Eduardo "Danding" Cojuangco is the chairman of San Miguel Corporation, the largest food and beverage corporation in Southeast Asia and in Philippines. He was a former Philippine Ambassador and former governor in Tarlac.

6. Roberto Ongpin

Roberto Ongpin
Roberto Ongpin - the sixth Billionaire in the Philippines 2012

Billionaire Roberto Ongpin comes from a socially prominent family of Chinese immigrants. He is a former minister of trade and have several stakes in different industries such as real estate, mining and telecom. Ongpin held top positions in different corporations in the Philippines. Most of them are Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman positions. Some of the big companies he held top positions are:
  • Atok-Big Wedge Co., Inc. - Chairman and CEO
  • San Miguel Corporation - Director and Member of Nominations & Hearing Committee
  • Alphaland Corporation - Chairman of the Board and CEO
  • ISM Communications Corp. - Chairman, CEO, Chairman of Stock Option Committee and Chairman of Executive Committee
  • SCMP Group Ltd. - Deputy Chairman
  • PhilWeb Corporation - Chairman, Chairman of Executive Committee and Chairman of Compensation Committee
  • AIA Capital Inc. - Director
Ongpin has a good sense of humor and has two children by his legal wife, a daughter by his German girlfriend, and a son by his Australian girlfriend.

What can you say about these billionaires in the Philippines?

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Catherine   (29 May 2014 1:56 PM) [Entry]

A few of these billionaires started from humble beginnings, like Henry Sy and Lucio Tan. Others were born with a silver spoon. But they have one thing in common ~ they worked very hard to achieve their dreams, and that they had the benefit of a country, the Philippines, recovering from WWII where great opportunities were there. However, today even with working your butt out, economic opportunities are simply dearth due to government inertia and corruption, the high cost of doing business, and inadequate infrastructures. In fact, the backbone of an economy is small business, but support for their growth or expansion is hampered by financial cost where the average small businessman has to tap a loan shark to stock up goods in his grocery store or to buy a small machine in his laundry service or car repair shop. The banks are not interested in a small business such as these. If they do, their administrative requirements are a disincentive.

nestor almirol   (20 January 2014 3:03 PM) [Entry]

i already have commented.

nestor almirol   (20 January 2014 3:02 PM) [Entry]

i hope that this will be true and that it can help us in our small business to undertake.i need around 50k to start.i want to know if i will be qualified.

negz   (13 May 2013 10:17 PM) [Entry]

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Don Turner   (13 May 2013 1:12 PM) [Entry]

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meloy talisay   (12 May 2013 9:42 PM) [Entry]

im the next in the list. hehehehe

Jommel Nieva   (09 May 2013 10:00 AM) [Entry]

very inspirational,,, i also hoping that will happen to us someday.

Apple Pacay   (24 April 2013 5:23 PM) [Entry]

Kayang gawin ng Lord sa atin ito, but it's our choice. God can do His part to us but we need do our effort. I like the story of Mr. Henry Sy, even the others..NAKAKA AMAZED and NAKAKA INSPIRE. GOD BLESS THE WORKS OF OUR HANDS. MALACHI 3:10..:)

sofia macapaga   (08 April 2013 11:46 AM) [Entry]

I really admire billionaires in the Phils., they are the inspiration of my kids to study hard and be like them in the future in an honest and clean living way.

SARAH JOY DUPENDE   (22 March 2013 5:48 PM) [Entry]

Its my prayer that these rich people would come to know the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ our God and Savior own everything in this world and HE (Jesus) is the source of everything. Your wealth comes form HIM (Jesus).

abel   (02 January 2013 9:00 PM) [Entry]

wow,. sana darating din ang panahon na umasenso ang buhay ng bawat pilipino.

jerome katsushime   (04 December 2012 1:30 PM) [Entry]

god bless to all and congratulations to your good company future and life and be kind and generous to our poor people like me and other people that needs help in you god bless to all and congratulations!!! :)

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Teresa West   (05 October 2012 2:27 AM) [Entry]

I find it very interesting that I was given the name Joseph Wilson Tan as a person to wire money to at the Unionbank of the Philippines in a fraudulent sweepstakes scam. If he is even a person or related to Mr. Billionaire, please let him know that I lost $76,000.00 to his country. Is this how you become a billionaire in the Philippines, by scamming people less fortunate. I lost every penny my deceased husband left me to raise my two children!

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robert mcoscar   (12 June 2012 4:35 PM) [Entry]

None of them are real Filipino...they are all immigrant or foreign descent who just came to Philippines to live. I wonder why there are no pure Filipino who became billionaire in their own land. It's our fault, we are not so hardworking as these successful people or not as______________.

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